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Cade Cunningham Shouts Barry Sanders Out as Best Athlete Ever to Play in Detroit

Cade recognizes the GOAT.



Detroit legends respect Detroit legends, and Oklahoma State legends respect Oklahoma State legends. That’s how that goes. But what happens if they are one in the same? Well, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday.

Former Cowboys hooper Cade Cunningham went on ESPN to state his case for Rookie of the Year, and in a rapid fire Q&A session, ESPN’s host asked one simple question: Who is the best Detroit athlete of all time?

“Oof,” said Cunningham. “I’m going to go with Barry Sanders. My fellow Oklahoma State alum. Best Detroit athlete of all time playing in Detroit. Now, from Detroit? I’ll let Detroit natives speak on that. But playing in Detroit? I’ll say Barry Sanders.”

Aaaaaaand he’s right. Barry is a GOAT. Now, you could make a case for Isiah Thomas or Chauncey Billups or Bill Laimbeer, but there’s really no debate. Sanders in Detroit was an MVP winner, a four-time rushing leader and a 10-time Pro Bowler prior to his retirement. The Lions were doodoo, mostly, but he absolutely was not. (Can we just give a round of applause to Cade, by the way? He knows how to cater to his audiences, and I’m like 99.7% sure it’s completely genuine!)

As for the rest of the interview, Cade touched on other topics ranging from his new BMW, his nicknames, Detroit’s identity, his game and much more in the appearance here:

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