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You can go to the Cactus Bowl for $12

Bowl games don’t sell well. Water is wet, pizza tastes good, Forte can shoot. Rinse, repeat.



OSU is going bowling for the 9th straight season. (USATSI)

OSU is going bowling for the 9th straight season. (USATSI)

Oh hey look nobody can sell their tickets to a bowl game between teams that combined for 13 wins and is thousands of miles away during the holidays.

A stunning turn of events, really.

As Kyle Fredrickson and Jason Kersey pointed out OSU-Washington tickets can be had for less than $12 and OU-Clemson tickets for not much more than that.

OSU has sold 2,000 tickets to its fans which, I have to say, actually feels like a lot for a game like this.

I know it helps that it’s in Arizona so everybody can work the faux-vacation angle but I’m never not impressed with how OSU fans travel.

Contrast this, however, with the fact that in 2011 OSU sold 90 percent of its nearly 20,000 tickets in two days.

Bowls in general, however, will never not have an attendance problem. The corporate atmosphere has trickled down and infiltrated even the most mundane of bowls and that just doesn’t work when Navy and San Diego State are poised to go at it in late December.

It’s not an OSU problem but if you’re an OSU fan (or a fan of any team) and like to travel then you can certainly take advantage of the opportunity it presents.

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