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Championship/Bedlam Week Gambling Fun

Bedlam Prop Bets & One of Us Picked OU to Cover



Bedlam Week! Cowboys vs. “the team whose mascot is a synonym for premature” (props to my buddy Stacey for that one). My kiddo is decked out in his orange and he’s ready for his first Bedlam game. First, the results from last week’s picks. As expected, CRFF couldn’t hang with PFB:

OKC Dave: 4-1
Southwell: 3-2
Amilian: 2-3
Schnautz: 2-3
Pistolsguy: 1-4
Carson: 1-4
CRFF (guest): 1-4

Oklahoma State +21 at OU
Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have wanted to touch this line but one good performance from a true freshman QB and this number seems really, really high (like Gundy at a press conference – h/t Pistolsguy for that joke).

It could very well be ugly in Norman, but there is no way I can predict OU to win by 21. I’m pretty sure an important rule of thumb in gambling is to avoid solely looking at the team’s last game (and the transitive property). I can’t help it. Our Pokes hung with Baylor on the road, who rolled over OU in Norman. We might see a different OU team than Baylor did, but we’ll keep it within three TDs.



Bedlam Props
I took to Twitter to see what kind of prop bets you all could come up with for this game. Blake Bell was a common name to pop up

If Blake Bells pulls a game-winning anything, he has to be the top hybrid of the least-disliked OSU-killers in OU history.

Given that neither of these teams are in the running, I’ll put the over/under at 0.5.

This is a great one. Odds have to be on Gundy here. Stoops gets his name brought up frequently for vacancies, but when is the last time he even interviewed for a job? If he’s not interviewing at Florida, he’s not interviewing for any college jobs.

By the way, how would we feel about Boone offering $8-million to Stoops if Gundy doesn’t come back (I think Gundy is coming back)? We either steal Stoops or cause OU to spend an extra couple mil on him. I’m not being serious but it might be something fun to think about if things aren’t going well by the 2nd half.

We are already blaming the refs! But yeah, let’s put the over/under at 2.5

I’m going to take the under but it will be tough to distinguish between one very long meltdown and multiple meltdowns. If you take the over, you’re indirectly betting on our offensive line (I’m aware they played better against Baylor, but still)

No guest for Championship/Bedlam week. Let’s go…

Oregon (-14) vs Arizona
Southwell: Oregon
Cunningham: Zona
Schnautz: Zona
OKC Dave: Zona
Pistolsguy: Oregon
Amilian: Oregon

“I don’t trust this man” – Pistolsguy

Bama (-14.5) vs Missouri
Southwell: Mizzou
Cunningham: Bama
Schnautz: Bama
OKC Dave: Bama
Pistolsguy: Mizzou
Amilian: Mizzou

Florida State (-3.5) vs Georgia Tech
Southwell: Georgia Tech
Cunningham: Florida State
Schnautz: Florida State
OKC Dave: Georgia Tech
Pistolsguy: Georgia Tech
Amilian: Florida State

Wisconsin (-4.5) vs Ohio State
Southwell: Wisconsin
Cunningham: Wisconsin
Schnautz: WIsconsin
OKC Dave: Wisconsin
Pistolsguy: Ohio State
Amilian: Ohio State

OSU (+19) at OU
Southwell: OSU
Cunningham: OU
Schnautz: OSU
Pistolsguy: OSU
Amilian: OSU

Carson obviously hates OSU. Maybe the rest of us are irrational about Rudolph’s performance at Baylor. No matter how you feel about the game, true OSU fans find a way to build up enough optimism to think we’re going to compete.


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