Clint Chelf’s Chance To Become a Legend

Written by Kyle Porter
Nov 17 2012 Stillwater OK USA Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback Clint Chelf 10 runs for yardage during the second quarter against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit Richard Rowe US PRESSWIRE

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

How about the last 3+ weeks of Clint Chelf’s life? He goes from being the backup on a team spiraling out of control in Manhattan to being the toast of Stillwater in 21 days.

And now he has a chance to go down in Cowboy history with a win in Norman this weekend.

It’s one thing to play good for a half in a loss against Kansas State. It’s another thing to house a couple of pretty average Big 12 teams at home in November. And it’s a totally other crazy monumental thing to go to Norman and take down a solid, potentially BCS-bound OU squad.

Only five Cowboy QBs have beaten OU since 1966 and only three (three!) have thrown TD passes in wins against OU in that time period[1. This is an estimation: I know Fields and Lindsay did and I believe the only other one was thrown in the 1976 win but I can’t find any box scores pre-2000 so I’m guessing]. Three people! In almost a half century!

I’m excited for Chelf too. You guys know the story, he hung in when he didn’t have to, stuck around when nobody asked him to, and now he has a chance to win the opportunity to guide a Big 12 title team in 2013.

What I’ve been most impressed by is his ability to make intelligent decisions even though he hasn’t played a meaningful game since his senior year of high school.

The dude has two freshmen breathing down his neck trying to win the starting job they both once held back. And Chelf has been calm, serene even, when common sense tells me most humans would be trying to throw five TD passes on each drive. Chelf is fine with one, or the next first down.

So let’s not worry about what spring ball will bring or who will be at the helm when we open with Mississippi State in Houston next September. Let’s just enjoy the small town kid getting a shot on the biggest stage college football has to offer:

Bedlam with BCS implications and bragging rights for another year.

OSU has a chance to go back-to-back in Bedlam, something it has only done five times since 1904[2. This actually seems like a lot given the number of wins we have in the series.].

And Clint Chelf has a chance solidify his cult hero status, galvanize an entire fan base[3. The REST of a fan base, he already has the segment he wants.], and go down in Oklahoma State lore.

Yes, what a few weeks it’s been.

  • Jeff

    Charlie Weatherbie did it in ’76. He was brought into the game after the surprising starter, Harold Bailey, the underclassman, was ineffective on throws (I think he completed exactly zero passes).

    • Tess

      Correct you are about Weatherbie. I was at the game in Norman and can still see Weathbie and Terry Miller as if it was yesterday. It was glorious!

      • OSUAGGIE

        31-24…I helped put the steakhouse bull in theta pond…and a GREAT writeup on choo choo

    • gauchomigo

      If I remember correctly, Weatherbie’s TD was as significant as the Bell Dozer’s was last year.

      • gauchomigo

        OOPs, I remember incorrectly. Must have been the year before.

  • Pokelahoma

    Yeah but how hard does he throw?

  • Ah…1976. I found my press clippings from that game when cleaning out some stuff from my Dad’s house. Seems that a crucial score was set up when the OU quarterback, some guy called Dean Blevins, fumbled the ball.

  • Jeff

    The grammer cop in me says: I should have said “surprise starter”, not surprising. He may have been surprising too though. If I recall, he (being Charlie) hit Ricky Taylor in the EZ. I don’t recall Blevins fumbling–although he may have, I just don’t remember–but I KNOW he threw an INT (at least one). I will have to dig my VHS out and watch it again before Saturday. (I was there too, Tess!)


    • DCPokeFan

      Jeff, it may well have been the interception I was remembering. It’s been about 5 years since I read that article (I was at Stanford for grad school and couldn’t even catch the game on radio, let alone TV, but the Chronicle did print the AP story about the game). Whether fumble or INT, there was a major and costly Blevins mistake in the story somewhere!!

  • Chic

    Question: When was the last time OU lost in NORMAN three times in the same season? They’ve already lost to K-State and Notre Dame, so if the Cowboys win, that would be three!

    • ChivalricOutlaw

      Hit enter to soon! The above question is from me, ChivalricOutlaw!

  • Rose

    Are you going to have any shirts in person this Saturday?