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Comparing Travis Ford to the Suttons

Travis Ford hasn’t been as bad as you think (at home, anyway).



Here’s a look at each year in the Sutton/Ford era. Conference games only.[1. Kyle here, I didn’t update the KU loss yet but you can throw that in as well.]

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Dave: Eddie’s worst 6-year stretch in conference games away from GIA: 16-27 (37.2%) in the six seasons ending in 1997. That is really what sets him apart from Ford. Eddie won more at home too — but not a whole lot more (80.5% for Eddie versus 76.5% for Travis). If Ford were able to win at Eddie’s percentage on the road (45.5%), he would have added 10 additional wins to his resume and likely a couple more NCAA appearances.

That said, Ford is getting ready to take OSU to the dance for 4 out of his 6 seasons. It’s not what we came to expect when Eddie was here, but it could be a whole lot worse. A few road wins here and there and a team or two that could have survived through the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, and no one is trying to figure out his buyout.

Kyle: It’s a good point. I looked at the difference overall a few weeks ago and it’s even closer (Eddie at home: 89%, Ford at home: 86%). That shocked me. The two things I keep going back to are NCAA Tournament wins and finishes in the Big 12. One tourney and 3-7-7-7-7-9 finishes in the Big 12. That’s not good but you’re right — a couple of road Ws and a shot or two against Pitt would go a long way.

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