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Cotillion highlights



Here they are…

…with a few comments.

First of all, am I listening to Chariots of Fire music or what’s going on here?

Tracy Moore at 0:25, good heavens, if that’s what we’re getting out of our No. 3 receiving option, many defensive coordinators will be fired after playing OSU this fall.

At 0:47 I see Dave Hunzicker is still in default 2012 Blake Jackson mode where you just assume he dropped the ball.

At 0:53 — Carson was right, Kye = Haloti. That is absurd.

Jimmy Bean looks easy (1:18).

At 2:00 — that’s the Justin Gilbert we all know and love.

Start it at 2:30 and watch the difference in J.W.’s arm and Lunt’s arm. I know this isn’t breaking news or anything but the contrast caught me off guard as I was watching.

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