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Could Zac Robinson Somehow Find His Way Back to Oklahoma State?

Robinson has been with the Rams, which could be entering a rebuild.




The bring Doug home! campaign and the hilarious lean every offseason for fans (at every school and in every sport) to campaign for famous alums to come back home to coach can be wishcasting and nothing more. Sometimes the dots connect, sometimes they don’t, sometimes it doesn’t matter.

But former OSU star Zac Robinson landing back at OSU at some point suddenly seems less farfetched than maybe it did a few years ago. Robinson has served with the L.A. Rams under Sean McVay as the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator, but McVay is reportedly considering moving on to broadcasting and recent reports suggest he has not done anything to dissuade his staff members from seeking other employment, which at the very least indicates he’s considering moving on as the Rams likely transition to a rebuild.

Robinson will be a name to watch that’ll be in high demand. Prior to his time in L.A., he worked at PFF as a senior analyst. He then spent five seasons working under McVay, widely viewed as one of the best coaches in the NFL and one of the most brilliant offensive minds, helping shape an offense that has broken records and which helped lead the team to a Super Bowl a year ago.

Where Robinson would fit at OSU is the bigger question. OSU defensive coordinator Derek Mason resigned this week but all indications so far are that offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn will remain on staff. It’s hard to envision Robinson stepping down to the college level and not being a play-caller. That may render any hypotheticals dead in the water.

But the OSU offense struggled this past season and changes may be necessary. Robinson could give OSU some fresh eyes and a new system, and Dunn could maybe transition back to receivers coach or serve as a co-offensive coordinator.

Whether any of that is in play is probably known by Mike Gundy and only Mike Gundy, but the Mason development seems to at least make more staff changes possible. If Robinson were to look elsewhere outside the Rams, OSU could be a nice landing spot on a staff that probably needs a fresh set of eyes and maybe a full reboot.

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