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Cowboy Power Rankings



Photo Attribution: KT King


Welcome to week two of the Oklahoma State player power rankings. Assigning the adjective “power” to this group feels like telling Kendrick Perkins he’s a premier shot blocker on a day like today…but whatever.

On to the list!

1. Markel Brown (previous: 3) – A full-to-the-brim box score against Mizzou including a pair of otherworldly dunks (and I’m bummed that the first one on Kim English has been so overshadowed) followed up by a “wow, hes’ the best player on the floor” performance against A&M means Markel gets the top spot this week. He owned this spot earlier in the year before I stole this feature from Daily Thunder started this feature but fell into an injury-induced midseason funk that found him on the bench and unproductive. It’s good to have him back.

2. Brian Williams (previous: 5) – Took 36 shots in the last two games (including free throws) and hit 24 of them. He also threw in nine boards, only had one turnover in 71 minutes, and caused at least two dozen “@pistolsguy, why didn’t this guy get more playing time earlier in the year” tweets at me. My answer: Ford was trying to figure out how to get five point guards (Markel, Keiton, Cezar, Gulley, and Dowell) on the floor at the same time until he realized “oh hey, Brian Williams might secretly be our best, and is probably our smartest, player!”

3. Le’Bryan Nash (previous: 4) – He showed his entire portfolio on Wednesday night and it was teeming with all the physical tenacity we could ever want as well as a cold-blooded stroke and a total sense of the moment late. The problem: a few more performances like that and it’s “hello and goodbye” come NBA draft time in June…

4. Mike Cobbins (previous: 1) – It’s incredible to me that with OSU’s lack of depth in the front court, Mike Cobbins still hasn’t fouled out of a game yet. Am I completely ignoring the fact that Le’Bryan was playing center with Soucek at the four for 15 minutes on Saturday at A&M, but STILL. Cobbins played well against Mizzou and decently on Saturday but he needs to take more shots (4-7 in the two games) for OSU to win consistently if Le’Bryan is going to be as up and down as he is.

5. Keiton Page (previous: 2) – His last three shooting outings: 4-17 | 5-12 | 2-13, and yet he remains the only guy you expect to get consistent scoring from when you go into any given game. That’s kind of a small piece of the bigger story this year though, inconsistent play from everyone (including the guy you least expect it from) has killed any hopes we had of this team making the dance. KP also chipped in ten dimes in the last two games, so that’s nice.

6. Phil Jurick (previous: 7) – Crappy break for someone who really emerged from his shell against Mizzou last Wednesday. Something tells me he’s not going to be back for a while.

7. Cezar Guerrero (previous: 9) – It’s tough to move up much the power rankings when you aren’t playing. And what an indictment on his progression as a player that Ford is choosing to run five guys for 20-minute stretches at a time rather than going with the assassin.

8. Marek Soucek (previous: 6) – I mean his stroke in pregame warmups is WET.

9. Christien Sager (previous: 8 ) – Totally blowing his chances to win the Club Tril championship belt with performances like he had on Saturday in College Station (two minutes, one assist, one steal).

10. Mason Cox (previous: NR) – He gets the top walk-on spot because he’s the only one I know, he’s 6’10, and OSU picked him up in the middle of the Big 12 season even though he’s never played organized basketball before. Also, doesn’t list him or any of the other walk-ons as being on the team, which is pretty unbelievable when you think about it*.

If you are related to one of these hard-working unappreciated young men or know their names, let me know so I can include them weekly…

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