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Cowboy Wrestling: Fargo Champion Carson Kharchla has OSU in Top 5



Fargo champion and soon to be high school senior Carson Kharchla blew up the wrestling recruiting world this summer by coming in under a lot of radars and dominating his way through one of, if not the toughest weight in the tournament.

He bested soon to be Cowboy freshman and world medalist Travis Wittlake along with in-state superstar Dustin Plott.

We noted after the tournament that the Cowboys had already shown some interest in the star out of Ohio before he opened everyone else’s eyes at Fargo.

That early interest paid off. Flowrestling announced that the Cowboys are in his top 5 and he’s coming in to OSU on a visit on October 12th.

Kharchla had an interesting path in wrestling. He actually started wrestling freestyle before folkstyle. His father was from the Soviet Union and was a member of their freestyle national team, which brought him to the US. Carson talks about it a little here and his dad elaborates even more on it below.

Interestingly, Derek Fix actually had a similar philosophy with Daton Fix, and man did that work out. I’ve spoke with Derek on it and the things Miron says here are really similar to what Derek’s line of thinking was with Daton. From training to competing, to recruiting, all of it. Naturally Derek didn’t have the same raising in the Soviet system, but what Miron says about Carson really mirrors a lot of how Daton came up in wrestling. Waiting to have him compete, stepping back when it came to his recruiting, etc. It might accentuate the connection and get Carson to seriously consider Stillwater as a destination.

Luckily if the Cowboys miss here they have a shot at another one of the top recruits nationally around this size in in-state star Dustin Plott. Plott is a part of the 2020 class, with Kharchla 2019. Getting both would be a huge coup for the Cowboy staff.

I originally thought the 2019 class may be small for the Cowboys, but it looks like it could wind up as a pretty large one. With four recent transfers out of Stillwater and five starters from last year in Jonce Blaylock, Chandler Rogers, Jacobe Smith, Preston Weigel, and Derek White all graduating there should be some scholarships available.

The Cowboys have made top five lists for four big names with Kharchla, Brevin Balmaceda, Ridge Lovett, and superstar heavyweight Daniel Kerkvliet, who recently re-opened up his recruiting after being committed to OSU for some time.

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