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Cowboy Wrestling Recruits to Watch at Cadet World Trials



While a few Cowboys will be wrestling in Akron, Ohio at the U23 World Team Trials this weekend, the Cadet World Trials will be going on in the same place and time.

In general these Cadet-aged wrestlers can’t be formally recruited because they’re not in the right grade per NCAA rules. Some can, like Daniel Kerkvliet Jr. for instance, who has already committed and is just young for his grade. So as a kid that just finished his junior year he can be formally recruited. With others, the staff can just get a look at, but can’t officially talk to or anything of that nature.

Here’s a list of potential future Cowboys that you can connect the dots with and reasonably expect OSU to seek out in the next few years.

Daniel Kerkvliet Jr. — 110 KG

Most that follow closely know he’s already committed and is expected to be the future for the Cowboys at heavyweight. He’s already won a Cadet World Title, he’s qualified for the Junior World Team, and is attempting something unprecedented in going for both a Cadet and Junior World Title in the same year! That’s insane! It’s never been done by any American and this future Cowboy could very reasonably do it. He should dominate his way to a title here and start his prep for both the Cadet and Junior World Championships shortly after. It’ll fun to see if he does it.

Kyle Haas — 80 KG

The Cowboys have an in here. Even though he’s not of the grade where he’s allowed to be formally recruited it’s not against the rules for the recruiting coordinator to speak with his stepbrother. Kyle being Tyler Caldwell’s sibling you should reasonably expect him to be a Cowboy in a few years. One of our former writers Hayden Barber covers Haas for the Wichita Eagle and did note that Stanford has also reached out to him, so apparently he’s a pretty smart kid and could go a route similar to Barry Sanders Jr., but other than that, the Cowboys should be in a good spot in the future. Luckily he’s one of the best upper weights in the country and currently just a high school freshman. Here’s Haas winning a Cadet Folkstyle National title.

The Ferrari Brothers

AJ Ferrari is registered at 92 KG and his younger brother Anthony is registered at 51 KG. They’re from Allen, Texas which is within the 250 mile radius of the OSU RTC where they can come train. Most of the Cowboy staff will be coaching a camp in their hometown next week and one of AJ’s teammates this year, Conner Wilson, will be a Cowboy next year.

These two are good. Most recruiting outlets have AJ as the top sophomore in the country regardless of weight. It doesn’t take much to realize why OSU will be after them, but with the geography advantage, having one of his high school teammates, etc…you have to like OSU’s chances.

Luke Surber — 65 KG

Surber is an in-state prospect out of Tuttle who is not on a lot of national radars currently, but is solid. His dad is the coach at Tuttle, the best high school program in the state, and he’s definitely a DI talent if he continues to develop. Sixty-five is a good weight class at this tour and you have to like Luke’s size as a potential recruit. OSU is set at heavyweight for a while with Kerkvliet, Haas is an upper-weight, as is Ferrari, and if you get all of them, which OSU could, you’ll need some mid-lower weight guys to round out the lineup. Surber fits that mold.

Carter Young — 51 KG

Young hails from Sand Springs and is currently a high school freshman. He grew up with Derek Fix as his youth coach and watching Daton Fix illustrious prep career. Young is a super talented kid, his family is very close to the Fix family and with that you have to expect he could be a Cowboy.

He’s a great fit in size as he’ll fill out at a lower weight when most of the rest of the group is bigger. He’s a very good wrestler, currently top 2-3 in his grade at his weight class in most rankings. He finished second last year at Fargo in Freestyle and won Greco. It’s very likely that he’ll wind up a Cowboy.

Duwayne Villalpando — 71 KG

Villalpando was a Folkstyle national champ at 160 pounds this year and is from Maize, Kansas. He goes to high school with Tyler Caldwell’s brother, Kyle. He is a talented prospect and naturally, with the connection to Kyle, you could expect a mutual interest and  connection between he and Oklahoma State.

OSU will probably have its sights set on some national prospects, as well, but this is a very good group that is nearby and all have natural OSU ties. A lot of people get hung up on Pennsylvania and Ohio recruits. Lou Rosselli, OU’s head coach, even got up in a meeting with a bunch of Oklahoma coaches and basically told them he was going to rebuild OU with Ohio recruits. I’m not making that up, that actually happened and upset a lot of Oklahoma high school coaches.

The fact is there are a lot of good wrestlers in that part of the country that OSU will be after and hopefully get, but there’s some serious talent in this area and you could package together a very good team with it. You get Plott, a sophomore from Tuttle, Villalpando, Haas, Ferrrari, and Kerkvliet there will not be another team nationally that has a group of upper weights anywhere near as talented as them. Develop them and some others and the Cowboys can win titles with this group.

I should also add that Flo has an AJ Ferrari matchup and Carter Young matchup listed as the top potential matches of the tournament.

Ultimately, as Cowboy fans you sort of want to root for these prospects going forward as they develop through high school. Follow them on Flo, etc… Tyler might be able to recruit his stepbrother, Carter Young might like the idea of wrestling around Daton, Villalpando might want to come along with Haas to OSU, and the Ferrari brothers aren’t far from Stillwater and are a great fit for the program. It’s really easy to see all these guys winding up as Cowboys.

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