Cowboys Finish No. 11 in Final AP Poll

Written by Kyle Porter

Don’t look now, but Oklahoma State just posted its second-highest final Associated Press Top 25 ranking under Mike Gundy. The Pokes checked in at No. 11 as the final AP Poll was released after the national championship game on Monday evening.

USC at No. 3 is pretty ambitious, though I’m not sure who else I would have there. I might rank Clemson and Alabama at Nos. 3 and 4 again and put SC at No. 5. Oklahoma ahead of Ohio State is humorous. Also, am I crazy for thinking Oklahoma State could beat Michigan and Wisconsin?

This is actually just the second time a Mike Gundy-coached team has finished in the top 12 of the postseason AP Poll and just the 13th time in school history an OSU team has even finished ranked in the postseason AP Poll. That’s pretty incredible.

What does it all mean? Well, it means the hype train has already pulled out of the station for 2017 and is barreling right for September 1 as Oklahoma State is an early top 10 team heading into a new year.

  • CowPoke

    Penn State cost OSU a top 10 finish, also USC at #3 is INSANE. I know they won the Rose Bowl but they did so with Texas Tech levels of defense.
    #11 is still a nice season for OSU. If they don’t make the playoffs next year it will be a lost opportunity, something they don’t get too many of.

    • CaptainObvious

      Except for the chance we had this year. And the chance we had last year.

      • spokepokes

        Chance we had this year? That CMU game lost us any chance this year. 🙁

        • CowPoke

          Losing to Baylor wasn’t much better.

          • spokepokes

            Sure wasn’t

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  • Big D

    Looks like a snub to me. USC, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan…just pick one. We have an argument against all 4. Should have been top 10

    • CowPoke

      Oklahoma State still has the problem of having the wrong name on their jersey.

    • Kevin

      OSU has a slight argument against Wisconsin, but not the other 3. OSU’s best win is Colorado, while Wisconsin beat LSU. USC and Penn St have wins over Playoff teams. Michigan has a better resume too.

  • JG

    “Second Top 12 finish” lol

  • Guest

    I don’t think you’re crazy to say we could beat Michigan/Wisconsin, neither one played that impressively in their bowl games, and outside a few showings this year, looked very overrated.

    • Kevin

      Tell me what OSU has on their resume that is more deserving than Michigan or Wisconsin? OSU’s best win was Colorado. Michigan beat Colorado too. Michigan lost a nail-biter to a team favored to win the National Title next year. Not sure where you get that Michigan didn’t play impressively. Wisconsin had more W’s than OSU and has a better win (LSU).

  • GoPokes

    OH MY GOSH….did you see the final Coaches poll? They have BOTH West Virginia AND Colorado ahead of us!!! Are you SERIOUS? We stomped them both like red-headed stepchildren. What a crock.

  • Chris Saxon

    It’s a popularity contest first and foremost. What happens on the field is secondary.

  • Lee

    What a popularity contest this has been. Ohio State did not belong in the CFP…what an embarrasment. USC vaults up to the top regions…a little too obvious favortism there. Big 10 has a whole bunch but Penn State should have been in the CFP instead of Ohio State. So much for “conference championships count for everything.” Apparently even division championships don’t count. Some of those teams in the previous top 10 that lost their bowl games should have dropped out. Didn’t happen. Until games have real meaning the CFP is a farce. At least Bama and Clemson gave us a first class game. Not another 9-6 SEC ho-hum presentation.

  • GoPokes

    OSU can’t go slumbering and sleepwalking into next season, or we’ll lose 2 of our 3 non-conf games. Those early games always scare the crap out of me with OSU. Gundy says it year after year: “we won’t really know who we are until mid-October”. I got news, they better have it figured out before then, and come out of the gate in mid-season form. No way in hell we beat either TU or Pitt if we play like they’re CMU.

  • 6Gun

    OSU’s record should be 12-1, not 10-3!!! Our coaches and the Big XII officials in the replay box not knowing the rules cost us the CMU game, and uninspired coaching and inept offensive play calling cost us the OU game!!!