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Cowboys Given 12th-Best Odds to Win CFP Championship in 2019

Vegas is ready to take your money.



I can’t say that I’m extremely confident about what we’re going to see from Oklahoma State this fall. But if you have some easy-come money that you don’t mind saying goodbye to, why not take a flier on the Cowboys?

Sports book, SuperBookUSA released some very early betting odds for next year’s national champion, and wouldn’t you know it, OSU sneaked in tied for the 12th-best odds at 200-to-1. That puts the Pokes behind only Oklahoma (14-to-1) and Texas (25-to-1) among Big 12 teams, and ties their odds with TCU.

OSU could be much better on offense if Spencer Sanders is a star (or Dru Brown, or Brendan Costello for that matter). The defense might be improved in Jim Knowles’ second year, despite having so much to replace up front.

But you have to remember that Mike Gundy’s squad was uncharacteristically undisciplined and unpredictable last year, and then said goodbye to a ton of veteran leadership in the form of 14 departing starters.

Since I’m already not the betting type, I will probably just hold on to my hard-earned greenbacks. I will rue this day when a Sanders-led offense goes full-2011 and makes the playoff. 

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