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Oklahoma State men and women did work at the Cross Country meet over the weekend. (

Not sure if it was coincidental or purposeful but Gina Mizell is right, posting the Gundy locker room dance is one of the smartest things OSU’s athletic department could have done. (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten on my favorite player. (Tulsa World)

Wow, so Texas is a top 10 team now? (ESPN)

I was about to chalk this up as “just another boring column about the uniforms” until Gina Mizell made a Seth Godin reference. Well done, Gina. I’m impressed. (NewsOK)

OSU was part of history this weekend, despite not playing. (ESPN)

Who loses first, football or soccer? (

Kendall Hunter had 100 all-purpose yards against the Eagles yesterday. (ESPN)

Dez and Dan Bailey combined for 21 of Dallas’ 30 total points. (ESPN)

A fashion designer from Norman chooses which OSU uniform he likes best. This is like a gift from the one-liner gods. I don’t even know where to begin. (NewsOK)

Game notes from Saturday. There are only 15 unbeatens left in college football. (

Good post by Damon Sayles about new OSU TE, Zac Veatch. (ESPN Insider)

And people thought I overreacted during the A&M game. (NewsOK)

Nike’s performance bonus to OSU for winning the national title is only $25,000. Hart Lee Dykes got paid that for the non-conference portion of the schedule his freshman year. Weak. (NewsOK)

More from the “we’re really letting these guys determine the postseason of college football” department. This guy bumped Oklahoma State from #15 to #6 yesterday. Must have been an impressive bye week for him. (Pollstalker)

Wow, you should definitely read this article about how we, literally, love our iPhones. (New York Times)

Big thanks to one of our readers named Benton for sharing this. LeBryan year 2, Jurick year 2, CJ, Dowell, the Czech, JPO’s senior year, Markel’s junior year, and this guy next year…just throwing that out there.

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