Daily Bullets – 10.7

Written by Kyle Porter

Wisconsin and OSU are the two best redzone teams in the country. (NewsOK)

Really strong, thoughtful column by James Poling about how terrible it is that the Kansas game isn’t on TV. (O’Colly)

Mike Holder is the lowest paid athletic director in the Big 12? (Holy Turf)

Robin Ventura is the 39th manager in White Sox history. That seems like a lot of skippers, no? (okstate.com)

Weeden says OSU still has the deep ball in its arsenal. (NewsOK)

LeBryan Nash, Big 12 preseason freshman of the year. (Big 12 Sports)

Pretty crazy stat: OSU hasn’t started back-to-back seasons 5-0 since 1944-45. (ESPN)

Wow, Kansas’s goal is to keep it close tomorrow so they can have a big crowd next weekend. (Kansas City Star)

Berry Tramel says OSU recruiting won yesterday with TCU joining the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Blake Griffin will be on Gameday Saturday. Yay! (ESPN)

Burns Hargis, doing work. (NewsOK)

Come on guys, you’re more creative than this headline. (NewsOK)

Props to Ubben for recognizing the fact that OSU’s defense gives up a lot of scores when games are already out of hand. (ESPN)

Cool story by Jenni Carlson on the Oklahoma School for the Deaf. (NewsOK)

Kendall Hunter getting some fantasy love. (Sports Illustrated)

Um…duh? (ESPN)

There’s supposed to be an special announcement today at 3:30. It will be broadcast live here. (OSU Giving)

Barry Sanders is doing the intro for Monday Night Football this week…

  • FreeMason10

    Ha, the KC Star says “Jeers if OSU averages more than 4 yards per carry.” Good luck with that. We average 4 yards and we’re going against the worst rushing defense in the country.

  • Upgrayedd

    I’ve heard in the past that Holder donates his salary back to the university. Any idea if this is this true?

  • It’s not like Ubben wrote a sermon about OSU’s defense…I mean, that’s not really promoting what is an extremely accurate assessment of our first team defense.