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Good work students, keep the momentum going. [alums stand and applaud briefly at their desks] (Occupy GIA)

Cowboy wrestling rolls on to the NWCA finals. Jordan Oliver’s quotes in here are terrific: “I am better than everyone. I like toying with people. I get bored easily.*” (

“Fourth grade through sophomore year, I didn’t really go to bed.” Strong story here on Jeremiah Tshiminga. (NewsOK)

And here are a few follow up notes on that story. (NewsOK)

Christien Sager profile. Bad that I want to call him “Craig”? (Tulsa World)

OSU with three of the top 11 individual Big 12 performances in football this year. (ESPN)

Bill Self’s quote in here is great about OSU’s second half and Travis Ford. You can tell he almost feels sorry for us. (O’Colly)

I like Berry Tramel’s +- system here a lot. I think it’s telling. (NewsOK)

I jokingly tweeted during the second half on Saturday that Jimmie Tramel and John Helsley were both prepping their “that second half at KU in 2012!” columns for March 2014 when this team is in the Sweet 16. Well Helsley went a head and got his out of the way already… (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris was impressed with Allen Fieldhouse. (O’Colly)

Haha: “I was all for it until he leveled me like that…” (NewsOK)

*Gavin Lang told the Oklahoman* (NewsOK)

*Sources told the O’Colly* I think we have a Michael Harrison “situation” on our hands. (O’Colly)

Bill Self: “we’re so immature at this point.” Haha, I wish we were immature like that. (ESPN)

Hunter Mahan finished T15 at Pebble. Fowler and Kevin Tway missed the cut. (PGA Tour)

Some pretty crazy peripherial stats from Saturday’s game (only 4 total bench points scored and KU outscored OSU 46-12 in the paint!). More on the box score coming later today…

Campus looks nice today (via @kmbolay)

*Not actual quotes (but could have been).

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