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Daily Bullets



All right, I’m back from Augusta after an extended break from the blog (thoughts on OSU at the Masters coming this afternoon). Big thanks to Nolo, Amilian, and Quade for getting things done around here while I was gone. Good follows on Twitter, all of them. I linked their accounts above, you should give them a follow.

On to today’s Bullets!

8-15-11 and a filthy slam dunk contest walk off (see below) from potentially our starting PG next year in a high school All-Star game? Um, yes. (NewsOK)

First I thought it was Chelf, then Walsh, now…I honestly think it could be Lunt. (Tulsa World)

I haven’t watched it yet, though I’m going to on Thursday, but it sounds like Gruden and Weeden were all kinds of fun on ESPN the other day. (ESPN)

OSU offers a RB from Virginia. (Rivals)

Cool running diary here of OSU’s weekend in baseball. (Slater Sports Blog)

Doug Meacham had some interesting things to say about Bedlam last year… (

As an OSU fan, this is weird to read. Also, Gundy has a pair of gems in here (on Blake Jackson and Lunt’s girlfriend). (NewsOK)

We roll him pretty hard, but this is actually a pretty interesting breakdown from McShay. He groups the NFL prospects into tiers. Blackmon is in the second tier and Weeden in the fifth. Tannehill is in the third. (ESPN Insider)

Good stuff from Caleb Lavey on last year. (NewsOK)

Gottlieb gives OSU a D+ grade in hoops for the year. (ESPN Insider)

This is older, but “he’ll remind you of Taylor Martinez”?!? Just put me out of my misery right now. (ESPN)

In case you missed it last week, here’s a final report on the Coach Budke court fundraising. Thanks to all!

Good post here from Ubben on OSU arriving. (ESPN)

Giggles…. (The Lost Ogle)

As with most stories, this isn’t as devastating as some of you (us?) want it to be, but it’s also not as flippant as Baylor fans would like to believe. The reality lies somewhere in the middle. (ESPN)

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