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Trying to keep my expectations at bay. h/t Amilian (ESPN)

I can’t get over that this happened. It stuns me. (NewsOK)

Good article here about Holder closing his man on Sunday. (Tulsa World)

Rob Dauster says Le’Bryan Nash, overall, was a disappointment. (Sports Illustrated)

Weeden is embracing Cleveland and they love him for it. (Dawg Pound Daily)

I ride with CRFF on the baseball kool-aid right now. I’m imbibing heartily. (CRFF)

T-Ford had his hip replaced? Did we know that was happening? (ESPN)

Brandon Weeden is getting a website and it looks like it’s going to be pretty cool. (Brandon Weeden)

It’s going to be all kinds of fun. (Daily Thunder)

Pete chillin’ with Kenny Chesney and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders…

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