Daily Bullets

Thunder Up, three more…

Chris Brown on WR reverses and the teams (OSU!) that employ them. (Smart Football)

Josh Cooper says he feels like he’s part of the movie You, Me, and Dupree. (Plain Dealer)

Cool story on a trainer who has helped the careers of Luke Scott, Andrew Heaney, and Scott Baker. (NewsOK)

Cowboys with six total track and field All-Americans. (Big 12 Sports)

Ubben says the Big 12 would thrive no matter the playoff scenario. (ESPN)

Lauren Deason picks Hunter Mahan to win the U.S. Open. (PGA Tour)

Has Robert Allen unearthed a hidden gem from Hooker, OK? (Scout)

Here’s his video. (NCSA)

Seneca wants out? (Dawgs by Nature)

Threw up a new logo on the Facebook site to test it out. (Facebook)


  • Brian

    A pot knocked him out for the year? Is he cooking with old midevil-style cauldrons or something?

    • reformedsooner

      And how does he drop it on your ankle? Was he doing side lunges and gardening simultaneously? Probably urinating also and in public.

      Good grief.

      • reformedsooner

        “his ankle” #soonergrammar

  • Chance

    Do you know the rules as far as people practicing before they sign a contract? Is it just that they cannot do pads or contact until they sign a contract?

  • Mark

    I think Tracy Moore meant to say “SOME” pot. He dropped SOME pot on his ankle. 😉