Daily Bullets

This is so bizarre. (NewsOK)

Well, this is not fun to read about the Darrell Williams trial. (Tulsa World)

Morgan Hoffman shares the lead of the Utah Championship. (PGA Tour)

Notes from Gina on the just-released depth chart. Not much has changed other than, you know, losing our 5-star RB from last year. (NewsOK)

Air Force series cancelled, our scheduling is starting to become Florida-like. (NewsOK)

It sounds like the White Sox are in love with Robin Ventura. h/t Amilian (CSN Chicago)

Brandon Weeden gets another weapon. (Plain Dealer)

OSU needs to start doing this. (Times-Union)

All of KD’s points from last night. (Daily Thunder)

  • Danie_13

    It’d be interesting to find out why they chose to cancel the Air Force game over the other games. That was really disappointing to read this morning. I assume it’s money thing but I would think the revenue from playing a team like Air Force would make up for any lost money from bringing them in. Bummer.

    • Chance

      I was disappointed about the Air Force cancellation as well, primarily because OSU would have been driving distance away.

  • Billy Covington

    Wonder what the Josh Gordon acquisition does to Cooper’s chances at making the Brown’s roster?

    • Mark

      Listed at 6’3″, Gordon would almost certainly be slated to be an outside receiver, so since Cooper is an inside receiver, it probably does nothing to change his chances.

      • Paul

        Can’t believe a number one pick isn’t going to get signed over $200,000. It’s the same thing every year. Neogotiations are broken off, we moving on, I not signing for that and then at the last minute it gets work out. I’d put the odds on him signing today at 95%.

        • Signed this morning for $2.6M

          • Kyle Porter

            I’ll go:

            1. Fiesta – a classic between two gunslingers
            2. K-State – the most nervous I was all year
            3. OU – amazing, but kind of boring in a vacuum
            4. A&M – that legendary second half
            5. Kansas – showed how absurdly good we were

            Baylor is nothing to me.

          • OU had to be #1. We beat OU, won the conference championship, and clinched our first BCS game all in the same night. C’mon now.

  • Kevin

    I have been rewatching the games from last season (K-State, Texas, Bedlam) and got me thinking about how much we will miss Weeden and Blackmon this upcoming season. The defense will be better, but there were games where if it wasn’t for W2B (like clutch 3rd down conversions, composure in the pocket facing an all out blitz, sick catches in double coverage) I don’t know if OSU could have pulled it out.

    Anyone have a favorite game from last season?
    Also would like to hear some thoughts on realistic expectations for Wes Lunt and what he does well vs what Weeden brought. The key to our season in in his hands. No pressure, young fella, no pressure.

    • I always thought I’d really miss Dez, Kendall, etc. but the next guys come in and win me over just like the previous players.

      Favorite game: Bedlam (not even close)

    • Ray

      Ditto FreeMason10. Lunt looks like a Weeden Jr. on that film from his high school playoffs. If he can handle the pressure, we’re going to surprise a couple of folks this year. As for favorite game, well, I’m going to find out how many times you can watch a digital recording of the 44-10 annihilation of OU before it wears out…LOL

      • Kevin

        1. Bedlam
        2. BCS Fiesta Bowl
        3. K-State
        4. Texas
        5. Baylor

        What are your top 5?

        The top three for me were easy, but after that it was more tricky to pin one down over the other. I was tempted to go Texas Tech at 5 over Baylor, but beating a Heisman trophy winner was enough to give it the go ahead.

        • 1) Bedlam
          2) Stanford
          3) Baylor – loathe them
          4) A&M – Huge comeback
          5) K-State

    • Chance

      It’s almost a tie between Bedlam and Stanford. People will always remember the Stanford game as the one where OSU “arrived”, but it’s really the Bedlam game.

      Texas A&M was my favorite for about a week, until they decided to make our comeback victory a little less special for oh-so-many weeks.

  • Kevin

    I’m watching the A&M game now and it is one of those epic comeback games for the Cowboys that got lost in the wake of the Aggies horrible finish to their season (Must be the CRAMPS). I gotta say, if we lost that one, none of the others would have mattered as much. Top 5 game for sure. Good call.

    But Kyle…Kansas…not top 5. The first quarter was the best quarter we played all season but consider the competition. I thought you would go with Tech if that’s your premise. 66-6 road win, 50 mph winds and the Weedeater wasnt missing a beat. PURE DOMINATION. Better than the Kansas game.