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Really smart idea for an article. Good work by Gina here. (NewsOK)

This is pretty cool. Also reminded me of my irrational affection for Chris Leak. (Max Preps)

It’s…it’s almost like they’re just gifting me this. It’s going to be beautiful when all of this goes digital. (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon – Matt Kalil, you make the call. (Lost Lettermen)

Baseball loses again. (

Rickie Fowler is co-hosting Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. You can listen here. (Golf Channel)

Thank God. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Smith is a Dez Roland fan. (Scout)

Krista Lopez and Colby Lowe won OSU’s student-athlete of the year awards. (

Interesting look at where OSU’s football/basketball/baseball record stands this year in the Big 12. (Our Daily Bears)

Message board stuff, but sounds like an interesting convo between a fan and Mike Holder. (Orange Power)

ESPNU 150 came out yesterday. OSU doesn’t have anybody on it, though the only teams from the Big 12 that do are Texas, OU, and of course, Baylor. (ESPN)

Good piece on the Stillwater Bar & Grill in NYC. (O’Colly)

OSU cheerleading won a pair of national titles. (

Finished this baseball novel last night. It’s pretty good, a little odd, but some next level writing from its author. (Amazon)

Strange, but smart, article on Mad Men and how our lust for decades gone by affects our affection for it. The last paragraph is gorgeous. (New Yorker)

And to honor Fowler being the host on Morning Drive this morning, here’s a random video of the youngster…playing with a shake weight (1:53 mark).

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