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Pokes come in at #19 in the Preseason USA Today Coaches Poll and six of the ten conference schools are ranked. The real story here is TEXAS AT 15? (USA Today)

First Bowie, now Brantley. (NewsOK)

No clue who or what FanIQ is but I had to link to this in the Bullets to get you all fired up for the weekend. (FanIQ)

If you ever stop and spend money at a Pilot Travel Center, some of that money might end up in Weeden’s pockets. (Businessweek)

“Healthy Communication” in Jacksonville. (Florida Times-Union)

Want to flash back 32 years? Berry Tramel has you covered. Hurry up September 1st. (NewsOK)

OSU Football 2012 Preview with what appears to be an email exchange with…pistolsguy. (Opposing Views)

I’d love to hear some examples of messages students would get if Monken was in charge of this. (Equities)

If you’re in Stillwater, or anywhere in Oklahoma really, just stay inside. (Twitter)

Have a great weekend Poke fans! 29 days left until kickoff!

  • Osuaggie

    Tyler Waddell (FanIQ article) is a 20 year old Ohio State fan (and probably student).  Suspect he’s never watched a Cowboy game in his life and obviously doesn’t understand how to examine statistics within a frame of reference. On the other hand, I am really encouraged by the lack of love our Cowboys are receiving in pre-season; we need to make sure that USA Today poll is mailed to everyone at Texas and OU, I want them to feel the love….I guess I missed all those games last year where Weeden and Blackmon were the only players on the field. This is going to be so much fun!!!!!

    • @mattamilian

      The one thing I did know is that the FanIQ guy had no credibility.  Our #19 ranking is pretty fair but being ranked behind Texas…expected but still ridiculous.

    • ChanceDM

      I think people assume OSU will the same ol’ OSU with a losing or 6-6 record unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, whereas with other teams, like Texas and OU, people assume the opposite, where the season will be awesome unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. I think people are starting to come around though.  But I’m fine with any disrespect.  As long as our boys have something to prove, that’ll be a good thing.  I don’t want them to have the problem Texas and OU have where sometimes a 10-win season is seen as an entitlement.

      • Mark

        Ain’t that the truth! I want OSU to be the Boise State of the Big 12 every year. – No love from the pundits, making our players try that much harder, but still have the luxury of being in a BCS conference (which I guess only matters for 2 more seasons).  

    • G-Block

      Waddell should first take a journalism class; second, spend half an hour studying his subject matter; third, find another hobby.  People should realize that once something is posted on the internet, it’s out there forever.  

      • G-Block

        Sorry, Pistols… You already pretty much said the same thing.  

  • OSU World Order

    Doubt those street lamps look like that because of heat.  It gets hotter inside the bulb than that, theye are only melted on the side, and the other two aren’t melted.  I suspect something else is going on here.

  • Houston_poke
  • Pete

    That FanIQ article is some high quality journalism. “One of the worst defenses in the nation,” and “OSU hasn’t been about the rushing attack in quite some time”, guess he missed the OU game 

    • @mattamilian

      This is why I linked this guy’s post.  It’s always fun to expose someone who poses as a knowledgeable individual but in reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s obvious his deep analysis is based on two things:  1) Which players aren’t returning and 2) What the media said about our defense last year

    • Kyle Porter

      People should learn to either…

      1. Do some research (like, literally ANY) and write intelligently.
      2. Just avoid writing about subjects they aren’t knowledgable about.

      It’s not that hard.

  • KyleH

    So you’re telling me that losing two players off of the best offense in the country last year is cause cause for losing 6 more games than if we still had them?  FanIQ is clearly going for shock appeal here.

    OSU literally destroyed every opponent except three.  Let’s say for argument’s sake that Weeden/Blackmon were worth a very generous 20 points/game.  Giving us a 20 point handicap for each game last year gives OSU three or four losses and goes on to a 9-3, 8-4 regular season (I could go either way on the ISU game being a win or loss with even the noodleiest of noodle arm QB’s on that particular night).  And this brings us to my prediction for the 2012 season…