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If you didn’t take OKC Dave’s OSU survey yesterday make sure you fill it out today. The golf foursome question is my favorite.

Sooners now overshadowed in their own state. O really? (AP)

Gundy’s leniency with Littlehead is curious. Tis. (Tulsa World)

Receiver has to be the most intriguing position going into the season, no? (NewsOK)

Scott Verplank chosen as Ryder Cup assistant coach. h/t @ryancameron24 (Washinton Post)

OSU running away with this after the year’s last major. (Rivals Cup)

Ticket record surpassed. (NewsOK)

I think they missed Coleman Scott? (Big 12 Sports)

Not sure what it means but OSU made this uniforms list. (Yahoo!)

There is a 100% chance that uniforms link will be the most clicked link on the Bullets today by a factor of two.

Ubben has OSU over Texas Tech. Duh.(ESPN)

Fair ranking. (CBS Sports)

Berry’s spot on, this sucks. (NewsOK)

The more I read the more I think OSU can win the Big 12 this year. That means we’re probably gonna go 5-7. (ESPN)

OSU coming out with a mobile app on Wednesday. (

Solid post here, “he DID play Alex Cate over Brandon Weeden.” (CRFF)

The Big 12’s best backfield. (Tulsa World)

I don’t know how this would work but Cox is trying to bring the OSU-Arizona game to Oklahoma independent of the Pac-12 Network. (NewsOK)

Strong read here on Ira Glass if you’re into This American Life. (NYT)

See above, replace “Ira Glass” with “Paul Ryan.” (NYT)

Right there with you, man. Right there with you…

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.35.49 PM

Cool video via Mr. Orange Power. Not sure about his music selections.

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