Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Love this, agree with Slater on Lunt/Walsh ceilings and that Blake Jackson is going to be a monster. Also agree with Gina on Ryan Simmons, dude is a baller. (NewsOK)

Agree that OSU misses Blackmon more than Weeden. (O’Colly)

OSU is ranked #5 in the Big 12 in this power poll. (CBS Sports)

Interview with AD Franch. (O’Colly)

This slays me. (NewsOK)

Josh Stewart gets a game ball from Ubbs. (ESPN)

Funny (but maybe not true anymore? gulp.) (CRFF)

Shamiel Gary interview. (Tulsa World)

A lot of vitriol on this thread about singing the alma mater. (Orange Power)

Overconfidence? Hey, whatever it takes for OSU. (ESPN)

Conference play is about to start for Big 12 soccer. (Big 12 Sports)

Brown and Gilbert haven’t been the best cornerback duo so far…but yeah, Lampkin and Peterson are pretty strong freshmen backups. (NewsOK)

Ubben says OU is overrated and David Ash could be a dark horse Heisman candidate. (ESPN)

Somebody needs to show Walsh the ’08 Holiday Bowl (2:20 below). (Scout)

The Big 12 finds itself in a familiar position. (CBS Sports)

Maybe they can get Matt Barkley? (Big Cat Country)

Weeden gets a player of the game shout out. (Dawgs By Nature)

Sweet video of a new WR recruit. via @fielder29 (Hudl)

I’m in love with the new USA Today. (Under Consideration)

If you want a good SEC football follow this season, these guys have a sweet site called Saturdays Down South.

The iPhone 5 looks siiiiick. via @kevindeshazo (CNET)

  • Guest

    You know how sometimes there is a trendy restaurant that looks good, but every time you go there you get horrible service and you get sick? And then you stop going and after 6 months you’re like “hey, that place looks good again, I’m sure I just had some bad luck and this time it will be better.” And then you go again and get sick again and think “Yeah, that’s why I stopped going there.” That is me with Orangepower.com. 6 pages about the Alma Mater?

    • Lance Smith

      Orangepower.com is a lot of ‘late to the party’ info, zero insider posting and squabbling between people who really don’t know much about football. But the site itself works well.

    • ask

      So true. I’ve added/deleted that bookmark too many times to count. good place to visit if you like to read uninformed opinions and bickering.

  • CowboyKS

    Most offensive production in school history and we’re still doubting?
    We find out more against the Horns, but at least watch the game tapes…
    Mighty Horns D gave up lots of HUGE plays to a 2-10 ’11 Ole Miss team… Think about that…
    And do watch Ash’s awesome passing attack. Ducks vid is very appropro. Brown, Gilbert, and every DB will gourge on meatballs if Ash “airs it out”.
    Serioussly, watch this highlight reel and replace the KU of the SECs squads w the reigning Big 12 champs squads.

  • Jadecy

    Wow, the Holiday Bowl video against Oregon…I had forgotten how much more physical the Ducks were than us. We’re gonna need that attitude against Texas in two weeks….

  • Lance Smith

    That iPhone does look good.

    Hey, did ya’ll hear about that orangey-red shimmery heat source that a couple of cro-magnons found?

  • Mark

    Man, I remember watching that hit on Robinson live. I thought they were gonna pick up two halves of his body off the field. Never really forgave Gundy for leaving him in the game after that. He was clearly not okay. Anyways, about tx.. I think they are gonna have their hands full, but we will too. Ole miss secondary looked atrocious; surely we can be better. I also still see the same tx run defense that we ran over last year. I see Smash n Dash having another good game against them.

  • Mark

    One more thing, Ubbs has to be kidding with the Ash for dark horse heisman right? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard him say, and I like the guy!

    • Lance Smith

      To be fair/accurate, he did qualify it with an ‘if he puts up 300 yards and 4 touchdowns vs OSU’. Which I would have to agree with.

  • Ash for Heisman…makes me ill. I hope he doesn’t move UP the list after 9/29.

  • OSUaggie

    OK guys, I’ve got a contractor paying for lunch today and this Ash for Heisman talk could ruin the appetite……

    • CowboyKS

      Ash for Heisman? Have any of you watched the Ole Miss vs Horns highlights? Ash wouldn’t make our QB 4 deep with his throwing?

      • @okc_dave

        19/23 for 326 yards and 4 TDs. Yeah, he might make our 4 deep considering we are 2 deep at the moment.

        • CowboyKS

          Did you watch the highlights? His passing stinks.

  • Twofingercom

    I still don’t know how zac lived thru that hit

  • David

    That bowl game vs Oregon was everything bad. I was there… the dense fog that settled on the stadium at the end of the game was an accurate assessment of Cowboy fans’ spirits afterwards. Ugh.

    • Scott

      not only was Zac loopy after that huge hit but i remember Dez had a bum wheel that game. Masoli running over our CB/S was awful. Summed up the game