Daily Bullets

Where we doubt Gundy was talking about the men who read this blog.

Wow, Bill Young had an aneurysm and Gundy thinks men are not very smart. (NewsOK)

Basketball starts today, Ford thinks this is the most versatile team he’s had. If by “versatile” he means “small” then yes, I agree. (Tulsa World)

OSU is terrible at scheduling. (ESPN)

Outside receiver production is down. Yeahhh there’s a reason. (NewsOK)

Big 12-SEC to kick off 2013. (okstate)

Slater counts down the top five college rap videos. No judgement here, I like “I love my ducks” too. (NewsOK)

Ubbs has OSU big against KU. (ESPN)

Dayne Crist vs. the OSU secondary should be interesting. (CRFF)

Darrell Williams might get a new trial. (O’Colly)

The real reason Stanford lost the Fiesta Bowl last year. (Sports Illustrated)

ALl the numbers you need to know for this week in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Richetti Jones on why OSU drops eight into coverage on third down. (Scout)

Can OU learn from OSU and WVU? (NewsOK)

Joe Biden GIFs needs to be a website. (Guardian)

This has to be the best feeling in the world…

  • shedder33

    I agree with Ubbs. We will win big.
    I predicted 62-20 earlier. At the very least they’ll cover the 27.5 spread.

  • jpokes

    I love Richetti, but that is the worst analysis of 3rd down strategy I’ve ever heard. Did Scout even listen to this before they put it on their site??

    Also, this and the rumblings of boosters is why I believe Young is on his way out…

    • Who are we going o get thats better than Young? If boosters want him out after 4 games, promptly remind them of Vance Bedford….heck even Beckman’s D got lit up here.

    • Mark

      What the….? I agree, that was stupid. “3rd down is for the D-line to make plays…” – So THAT’S why we hamstring ’em and hang ’em out to dry? That made no sense at all.

  • Cincinnati

    Young is on his way out???