Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where even the first exhibition game in GIA gets us excited.

Lyndell Johnson wanted to be a cop. (Tulsa World)

So Christien Sager has looked good? is that bad? (O’Colly)

Gina does a play-by-play (not really, but kind of) recap of the TCU game. (NewsOK)

Winner. (CBS Sports)

On the maturation of Josh Stewart. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 could be over in three days. (ESPN)

I love this part: He’s got to do more with it when he gets the ball. But he runs the court. He can’t score at all, but he’s fast! (NewsOK)

Ubben says OSU is cursed. (ESPN)

The NCAA likes us! (The Dagger)

Berry Tramel on the similarities between 2008 Mizzou and this weekend. (NewsOK)

North Texas in Stillwater on Sunday. (CBS Sports)

OSU’s soccer season is over. (okstate)

Details on OSU’s basketball game tonight. (okstate)

Herschel Sims. Gone. (Beaumont Enterprise)

These pics of Sandy are insane. (Buzzfeed)

Royce on KD. It’s really good. (Daily Thunder)

This is so mesmerizing. (New York Times)

Love the Red Bull between his legs (via @danofict).

This destroyed me.

This didn’t get the credit it deserved.

Josh Stewart on the left. Josh Freeman on the right. Wow.


  • OSUaggie

    The Big XII could be a really big mess in three days if OSU can play a full game on Saturday like the second half against TCU….I will confess, it seems much more enjoyable screwing up OU when they have national championship hopes…..on the other hand, if KSU wins out, I don’t think there is any way they beat out a no-loss ND team in voting because of the heavy East coast bias….

  • G-Block

    Win, and keep winning, and OSU is back to the Fiesta Bowl. It’s not about “spoiling” another team’s season, but continuing to build on last year’s legacy to develop the culture and name recognition/ reputation to become “the Big Boyz.” What makes Alabama, ‘Bama? Years of consistent winning.

    This year, when you say “OSU” – nationally, people think of Ohio State. Maybe Oregon State. But consistently winning championships in football will change that.

  • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

    DUDE!!!! The JStewwy/Freeman comparison is…very day-after-Haloween-esque!

  • KS1010

    so do we know anything about if Barnett is playing this week? Has he faced any discipline from Gundy?

  • I know it’s tongue-in-cheek and not to take seriously, but I don’t think we are that cursed. Sure, it sucked losing Lunt, but we had a decent backup. We would be cursed losing Walsh if we didn’t have Lunt to take back over.

  • Charles

    He’s as clean as Danny Tanner’s living room.