Daily Bullets

Happy opening night. I’ll be in GIA for the tip.

Prove it. (NewsOK)

Really good read on the OSU baseball team. (okstate)

I’ve been asking this same question. (NewsOK)

“Taking advantage” is a pretty liberal term. via @BenAllenKOSU (Washington Post)

I don’t know if DeForest is a good coach but he seems like a pretty good dude. (NewsOK)

Chris Huston likes WVU +8. I kind of do too. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the 2014 Final Four logo. (Big 12 Sports)

Good gosh this is excellent. via @reubenthomas (Vimeo)

Pretty in-depth preview of tomorrow’s game. (Rivals)

Boomer takes the Pokes by six. (NewsOK)

Coach who needs to make the Dance to save his job…. via @mattamilian (The Dagger)

Some things we’re doing are a little bit new. What does that mean? Like, running something that isn’t inept? (Tulsa World)

Thunder effect. (ESPN)

Monken > Dana, yes? (O’Colly)

My man, Andrew McGee. (NewsOK)

Hoops uni watch to kick off the year. (ESPN)

Check out the Big 12’s cumulative passer rating (it’s ridiculous). (ESPN)

Give mom an A+. (NewsOK)

Amazing photos from election night. (Boston.com)

This is so, so good on the Thunder. (New York Times)

  • CRJ

    Nice, story is mostly about OSU and Gundy; they put a picture of Stoops up. Well done Washington Post.

  • Jadecy

    Our special teams LOOK like they’re being coached by a teaching assistant, go figure.

  • G-Block

    Agreed – the Thunder piece in the Times was well written and after reading it, I, once again, am proud to be an Oklahoman.

  • HtownPoke

    Maybe I’ve missed something over the last week but can anyone tell me why Joe Randle had 4 touches in the second half last week? We completely abandoned the running game and became very one dimensional. I know Randle fumbled but he’s one of the best RBs in the country and he doesn’t get the ball at all. Even if your not going to give it to him still run the ball. K-state was dropping 8 or 9 into coverage on a lot of plays. Can anyone explain this to me?

  • KS1010

    Well this is completely random and unrelated to OSU..but it is a boring Friday at work and I was daydreaming. IF (and that’s a BIG if) Texas A&M pulls off the upset of the season at Alabama tomorrow…does Johnny Football move up the Heisman charts and give Klein some serious competition? I mean that kid is ridiculous and I am not expecting A&M to win that game without him having a heisman-like game.

  • KS1010

    I just want to bring up the fact that I mentioned this prediction here…