Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Hope your Thanksgiving but, really, time to kick the in-laws out and start prepping for 2:30 tomorrow.


I did a Bedlam podcast with the fine folks at Crimson and Cream Machine. Listen to it while you read the links, I don’t totally sound like an idiot. (CCM)

Really agree with this about parity throughout the Big 12. (Tulsa World)

How Danny Kannell can relate to Landry and Chelf. (NewsOK)

Everybody at SoonerNation takes OU in a thriller. (ESPN)

Bedlam has arrived. (NewsOK)

Ugh, this first number. (ESPN)

Boomer picks the ten best in-state rivalries. (NewsOK)

Gundy says this D is the best he’s had here. (NewsOK)

Cooper Bassett’s favorite player growing up was Billy Bajema. Of course it was. (Tulsa World)

Some pretty incredible quotes in here about Bedlam last year. (NewsOK)

Grantland has Bedlam as the 7th best game this weekend. (Grantland)

I know I rep it all the time, but this quote is the main reason I love Gundy as a head coach. (NewsOK)

Ubben takes OU. (ESPN)

Berry takes the Pokes. (NewsOK)

They should rename it the Todd Monken award. (NewsOK)


Travis Ford signs four new recruits (I have a filthy dunk video of one of them below). Question: are we going to have enough scholarships? The only guy who has one that’s leaving is Jurick. (okstate)

JPO is out for the year. (Tulsa World)


Why is nobody talking about this? (Grantland)

This is a great read every week. (SMQ)

This year’s Notre Dame team is most similar to 2010 OU? Fascinating stuff. (Football Outsiders)

This might be the best field rushing video I’ve seen from last year. Fast forward to 0:30 mark.

One of the recruits mentioned above. Oh my.

This was sick (from yesterday).

  • At least you managed NOT to delete half of what CCM said…

    • And that was easy NOT to do since it wasn’t your podcast…I can be such a dope…

  • KW

    Pretty sure we only have 11 scholarship players. Get 13 each year, Jurick leaves and JPO was going to leave. That we could give OSU 4 scholarships.

  • Pat

    Also, with the bball thing, I’m pretty sure we can count on lb and marcus smart leaving if things keep up.

  • RBennett

    Help me out with this guys…If OSU wins out and the long shot that Texas beats KSU, do we automatically get 1st in the Big 12? Or will it come down to who’s ranked higher in the BCS (like it did with Texas, OU, and Tech a few years ago). And if it comes down to BCS then we probably won’t get it right, due to the face that they probably wouldn’t put a 3 loss OSU in front of a 2 loss KSU? Thoughts on this??

    • Good question. I’m not sure. I’m thinking if KSU, OSU, and OU all come out with 2 Big 12 losses, I would think KSU would have the tie-breaker since they beat both teams. But I could be wrong. David Ubben on Twitter yesterday said that OSU could still possibly win Big 12, I’m just not sure how.

      • It’s been spelled out by Gina and Ubbs…no shot for us. We can share, but don’t get the auto bid. After everything that’s gone on this season, a share would be tremendous.

  • R00st3rPokes

    Kyle, I like how on this “daily bullets” you broke out the links by sport, other info., etc. Keep it up!