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I am reporting that I will not in fact be blogging for the Tennessee Volunteers or Arkansas Razorbacks next season.


I’m turning, slowly, I think I’m pretty much #TeamHolder at this point. (NewsOK)

OSU-Purdue is the 7th best bowl game…involving a Big 12 team. (CBS Sports)

Everything a sports blog should be, right here. Awesome. (CRFF)

Former OSU great passed away yesterday. His shirt in this pic is amazing. (NewsOK)

Josh Stewart game ball. (ESPN)

Oh sure, this year we don’t want a playoff. (Tulsa World)

Why are we still using per game stats? WHY? (NewsOK)

How much sleep has Robert Allen gotten the last few days? (Scout)

Heart of Dallas Bowl hasn’t announced what kind of “swag” they will be dishing out. (ESPN)

Cracker Barrel??? (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel says Gundy to UT is still on the table. (Tulsa World)

Barry Sanders profiled on the NFL Network tonight at 7 PM. (NewsOK)

Not sure I agree with this. (NewsOK)


Smart holds down 3rd in the player of the year race. (CBS Sports)

This has to be the quickest return from an achilles injury ever, no? (Tulsa World)

Changing a program…one loss (?) at a time. (NewsOK)


Wow. (Yahoo!)

More uni watch! (ESPN)

Good news for OSU fans. (CBS Sports)

How awesome (and true) is this pic? (TentBlogger)

All of this. (Seth Godin)

How scary is it that this has 611 retweets?

Very cool.

OSU players apparently aren’t happy about not getting to go home for Christmas.

Interesting announcement from BVP.

Awesome. The kid who goes in for the handshake/chest bump with JPO at 0:54 slays me.

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