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I’m so disenchanted/disillusioned with hoops I don’t even know what I think anymore. Sorry for any incoherent tweets over the weekend.


There’s some kind of spell on us. -Markel Brown (Big 12 Sports)

Is it wrong that I pretty much love everything Smart does? (NewsOK)

Glad I could be of service. (CRFF)

I think that’s what it is…when not to foul. Oh. (NewsOK)

Good recap of the weekend here from Brendon Morris. (Rivals)

Agree with Berry, it’s not Bedlam, but it’s getting better. (NewsOK)

Hah, I do too. (Tulsa World)

They were in a higher gear than we were. (NewsOK)


Good stuff from Slater on what the coaching hires in Cleveland mean for Weeden. (NewsOK)

When we getting answers for this? (CBS Sports)

[Yawns]. (ESPN)

Welp, not since Pachall came back. (NewsOK)

I don’t have an account here, but after reading the lead, I can only imagine what Robert Allen has to say. (Scout)

But they won’t necessarily be that much better. (NewsOK)

This is not good. (ESPN)

Oh? (Tulsa World)

Can’t remember if I linked this on Friday, but Berry nails it here. (NewsOK)

Hah, the only conference the Big 12 had a losing record against was the Big East (!) (ESPN)

Perrish Cox on his past and where he’s headed with the Niners. (NewsOK)

This is cool, but would be a lot cooler if they hadn’t screwed up Bob Kurland! (CBS Sports)

I don’t love Phil Steele but I do think OSU is on the rise for next year. (ESPN)

New defensive line coach. (NewsOK)


This is so amazing. (CBS Sports)

What a dope. (Forbes)

Oh good, no prison time for ‘ol Gabe. (Tulsa World)

Big. Time. (O’Colly)

Good story on the man they call Z. (Tulsa World)

Quite the foursome.

Looks pretty good.


More awesome.

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