Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Happy first day of CBS blogging to me. The Links (my golf version of the Bullets) is posted here.


Maybe we won’t have to fire him… (NewsOK)

So much yes. (ESPN)

Can the Pistols Firing crew get a series or two? Also, how about Dana calling plays from a cocktail napkin?! (NewsOK)

We’ll know early on if OSU is interested in being in this game. If so, they’ll run away with it. (ESPN)

A bit dramatic, no? (NewsOK)

@carsonc5 had a sweet headline idea for this: CHELF STARTER. (NewsOK)

Gundy tries to clear the air about him and Holder, actually says nothing. (Tulsa World)

What fans think about Gundy right now. (NewsOK)

Scary that our punt returning was actually improved from last year. (NewsOK)

OSU needs only to look at Tech to see how to screw all of this up. (NewsOK)


Great read on Rotnei Clarke, includes a Keiton Page cameo. (Indianapolis Star)

Cowboys could play Arkansas in the 2014 All-College Classic. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart on his pride in playing D. (Rivals)

Love this pic. (NewsOK)

Big Nasty is impressed. (Tulsa World)

Just the way we like it. (NewsOK)

Alex Budke. Straight cash, homie. (O’Colly)

A-Rod thinks Desmond Mason is a great painter. (NewsOK)

Cool story on OSU’s newest (and biggest?) fan. (O’Colly)

These should produce fodder for weeks. (Big 12 Sports)

Not for the weak-hearted. (NewsOK)

Pokes stay at #21. (CBS Sports)

OSU remains #2 in power rankings. (ESPN)

Cowboys had 50 (!) boards yesterday. (Tulsa World)


So much filth.

Awesome, I love Landry’s shoes.


  • Tomintulsa


    Don’t forget wrestling. 2 more wins this weekend.


  • Look at all those NIT banners OU has, looks good.

  • Dlcowboyfan

    I live in Verdigris went to every HS BB game Rotnei played in. It was definately a very wild time but thoroughly enjoyable!