Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Another day, another four tickets to give away on Twitter. Tune in. #santapistols


Wow. (Scout)

Is Oklahoma State about to need two new coordinators? (NewsOK)

Ubben thinks OSU is definitely a Big 12 title contender next year. I concur. (ESPN)

Weirdest stat here? Big 12 teams averaged more runs than passes… (Big 12 Sports)

Cooper Bassett is sad it all has to end. (NewsOK)

Sure is nice to have an SEC-esque DT. (ESPN)

Interesting: NationalChamps.net doesn’t think OSU will be ranked to start the year. These guys are usually spot-on too. (NationalChamps)

Jonovan Griffin leaves the program. (NewsOK)

How is it that we’re going to have Tracy Moore AND Michael Harrison back in 2013? (NewsOK)

If the football coach and athletic director don’t have a difference of opinion on occasion, then neither one of us are doing our jobs. (Tulsa World)

Let me save you from having to read all these Purdue-OSU previews…OSU is much better and should win, the end. (Yahoo!)


Yeah, me too. (NewsOK)

OSU hoops giving away tickets tonight. (okstate)


Yeah, feel you, brah. (Mgoblog)

DB in Houston gets an offer from OSU. (ESPN Insider)

Please let this be over soon. (NewsOK)

Central Arkansas highlights.

  • mbwade76

    I love how loud the crowd got when Budke hit that 3. Awesome!

    • Pat

      That was amazing, I’ve watched that video a couple of times just for that and it gives me butterflies every time.