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Anybody else already fired up for that Gonzaga game on Monday?


Must-read story from Gina Mizell on Devin Hedgepeth. (NewsOK)

It feels like Berry started out this post trying to use numbers to prove the OSU defense sucked and then the numbers didn’t totally support his theory… (NewsOK)

Pretty much agree with Ubben here on his analysis, but I think Randle should leave. (ESPN)

Tailgate guide from the Heart of Dallas bowl. I’ll make my own before y’all come on down. (Heart of Dallas)

Josh Stewart should captain this team. (ESPN)

OSU’s Hot 11, pretty intriguing to look at. (Rivals)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Big 12 won’t win a Heisman next year. (ESPN)

Russell Okung makes the Pro Bowl. (okstate)

Didn’t realize this but nine Big 12 bowl games in nine days is awesome. (NewsOK)

Good things from OSU guys on the preseason All-Big 12 team. (ESPN)


Southern Miss in dire financial straits? (Deadspin)

Not much else going on with OSU right now so let’s talk about how we feel about this flick…

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