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Happy first work day of the New Year, y’all. Let’s get after it.


Must read of the day. (Tulsa World)

I’m linking this because I want to see if any of you can tell me what she’s trying to say. (NewsOK)

I’d say “easily” is an understatement. And need to update that bowl record, fellas. (Big 12 Sports)

Haha, “this game was basically three hours of watching vultures and hyenas gnaw on the carcass of a fallen water buffalo.” (CBS Sports)

Wow, Chelf says he’s ready to be the starter. (NewsOK)

Top Big 12 moments in 2012. (Big 12 Sports)

Great opening line from Berry. (NewsOK)

Didn’t Gundy say this year was his best group ever? (Scout)

Josh Stewart enters the OSU QB derby. (NewsOK)

58 points is a new record for a bowl game inside the Cotton Bowl. (O’Colly)

Gundy’s pretty funny even when he’s not trying to be. (NewsOK)

Not a lot going on in the top 150 for OSU. (ESPN)

Good point here, why wasn’t anyone talking about how OSU should have just played a better team? (NewsOK)

The most prolific offense in school history. Crazy. (okstate)

My only thought would always be “catch it.” (NewsOK)


Smart back where he should be on this list. (CBS Sports)

No need to mention youth here, we’re a good team, just go prove it. (NewsOK)

Screw you, Chad Ford. Get him out of the first round! Tell me he’s playing below his potential! (ESPN)

This does kind of worry me for Big 12 play. (Tulsa World)

Was Presti in Stillwater to see Marcus Smart? (

Good stuff from Jason King here on what may be Gonzaga’s best team ever. (ESPN)

Big 12 champs. (Yahoo!)


Wish I would have seen this.

Highlights of our game here.

Also, the Marcus Smart move at 0:38 here is filthy.

If you haven’t seen it yet…great call by Tirico btw.

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