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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



Flipping the order around for the Bullets today. Slowest OSU day I can remember since last summer, I’m not sure anybody from Oklahoma wrote anything yesterday!


Really great post here on OSU’s resurgence in the Big 12. Compares Forte to A.J. Abrams! (ESPN Insider)

Cool chart here from Matt Norlander on what’s new for conferences in 2013. (CBS Sports)

Agree with Jason King’s revised Big 12 predictions. (ESPN)


Quinn Sharp is your only Oklahoma State rep in the Senior Bowl. (ESPN)

Goodness, I forgot about Garman. When will the NCAA legalize trades?? (Rivals)


Amazing story here about a world-class pickpocket. (New Yorker)

Love these. (CBS Sports)

How did I not know about this site?? It’s pretty amazing. (ASN)

Wow, this looks amazing (via @cambronhardaway)

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