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RIP Patsy. 


He loves the spotlight. What a throwback, I freaking love him. (NewsOK)

Must read of the day. Really, go read it right now. (Facebook)

The best dunkers in college hoops. via @colindjohnston (Lost Lettermen)

Cowgirls beat #17 Kansas yesterday. (okstate)

Good article here on Patsy’s passing… (O’Colly)

Marcus Smart holds stead in freshman of the year race. (CBS Sports)

If losing doesn’t get to you, that’s bad on your part. (O’Colly)

Good Lord, if we lose tonight… (CRFF)

Nice statement from Holder on Patsy’s death. (ESPN)

OSU’s NCAA tournament chances. (Tulsa World)

RPI is out and it has OU at #19, OSU at #36 behind Boise, Bucknell, and Belmont. (NCAA)


Heart of Dallas bowl voted worst of bowl season. (CBS Sports)

Randle leaning towards returning? (Rivals)

Crazy, Robert Allen picks State to win the Big 12 next year. I am stunned. (Scout)

You’ve likely seen this, but Ubben has OSU #1 in his 2013 Big 12 power rankings. (ESPN)

And #4 in his last power ranking of 2012. (ESPN)

Interesting read on why the type of offense OU (and OSU) runs will never win a title. (Tulsa World)

Oklahoma State ranked #24 in recruiting rankings, between Michigan and SC. (ESPN Insider)



Ok, I love BVP but there are some legitimately goofy parts in this video. Overall though, not bad.

He seems like the biggest dbag ever and strangely I kind of like him.


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