Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

So long, Joe. It’s been fun.


Check out #9. (ESPN Insider)

Trent Johnson (TCU’s coach) on Markel: there were three guys in the state we wanted when I was at LSU, and he was one of them. (NewsOK)

How Travis Ford got into the Sixth Man. (Lost Lettermen)

Jay Bilas ranks his top 68. OSU checks in at #19. (ESPN Insider)

Gotta hand it to Helsley here, “nastygrams” is incredible. (NewsOK)

Good work by Slater here, a roundup of what seed OSU will get in the tournament. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State-Baylor makes this list of games to watch the rest of the year. (CBS Sports)

Ford uses LeBron to inspire Le’Bryan. (NewsOK)

My 10 thoughts on last night’s game in case you missed them. (PFB)


Joe Randle, gone. Weird that he told Gina on Twitter, no? (NewsOK)

Bill Young, gone. (NewsOK)

Ubben disagrees with fans’ pick of O-State winning it all next year, tabs TCU. (ESPN)

The top of the Big 12 is weak, the middle is not. (ESPN)

OSU in the mix for a top 10 RB now? (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel on the Bill Young situation. (Tulsa World)

The best team in the last five years to not play for the title? Yup. (ESPN Insider)

Rece Davis is the best, says OSU has a chance to give the SEC “a black eye” right out of the gate next year. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State part of the best of the Big 12 in 2012. (Orange Bloods)

Laquon Treadwell decision date. Sorry for all the Insider links today btw. (ESPN Insider)


Iowa-Oklahoma State on Sunday. Should be awesome. (okstate)

Nice gesture by the OSU softball team here. (Tulsa World)



  • Lane

    If young is in fact gone, I wish we would go out and get a big time DC like we have the last couple times with OC.

  • james

    What did the insider links say?

  • ScKing

    I am at a loss for words as to why Randle would go pro. He is good, but if he is only ranked as the 5th best junior then he isn’t exactly an elite RB. If OSU had a huge year next year he could use all that publicity to maybe creep into the 1st round where all the money is.

    • KC

      He’s gonna make some major cash next year. He did what’s best for Joe Randle.

  • Scott

    he consistently puts up 1,200 yd seasons. that won’t change next year. He’s ready. Good luck Mr Randle.

    • Agree. Yards/carry by year: Fr – 5.5, So – 5.8, Jr – 5.2. We know who he is and so do the NFL scouts. Good luck to him.

  • I’m actually ready to see what Jeremy Smith can do as the lead back; I’m fairly optimistic. I don’t think he was utilized enough the past year (was he battling injuries?).

  • Scott

    And on that topic – Young is ready as well. This defense doesn’t work. No matter how you spin the statistics. Not that i read any OU blogs but I bet they aren’t spinning stats in Norman trying to justify their defensive performances of late. “We held Johnny to 500 all purpose yards but he normally goes for 550”.
    Good luck Bill and I hope you enjoy your retirement. You’ve earned it with many years in the trenches.

    • Mark

      I think you make a valid point.

      Also I think Randle is ready as well. He’s had 3 consistent years. He’s more likely to get injured next year than he is to get any better numbers. It is definitely the right choice.

  • G-Block

    Unless we’re discussing spies or cloak & dagger activities between hostile nations, I’m always leery of “unnamed sources” and “journalists” who rush to cite them. Although in fairness, both the Oklahoman and the Tulsa World stories reported the reporting of the story.