Daily Bullets

Are we having fun yet?!


Fran Fraschilla says OSU has as much room for improvement as any team in the country. Franny loves us. (ESPN Insider)

Marcus Smart is the only frosh on the Bob Cousy award watch list. (Big 12 Sports)

He’s also on the Wooden Award watch list. (okstate)

Le’Bryan: it will help a lot (to win at OU) because of how we are on the road. (O’Colly)

I’m telling you, Fran loves more than I love us. And how about him comparing Musburger to Johnny U. and the Mick?! (NewsOK)


Oh. My. (Tulsa World)

Oh. My. Remixed. (NewsOK)

Tyler Johnson and Daytawion Lowe on the All-Big 12 bowl team. (ESPN)

Questions about Randle’s ability to carry the load? I mean, he’s not a feature back but…it’s 2013, who is[1. Besides AD.]? (CBS Sports)

Good thoughts, but I never really worry about the RB position. (Rivals)

Well I guess I do that “ace recruiter in the southeast” thing. (NewsOK)

Not sure I want to be in the same group as SC, but this article says we rizin! (ESPN Insider)

I’ll give it to you, Ubbs. (ESPN)

Oklahoma State ahead of Ohio State. Wow. (Football Outsiders)

Isaiah Anderson snags best catch of the bowl season. (ESPN)

Bill Connelly, one of the smartest in the biz, says buy low on the Cowboys. (Football Outsiders)

Such a money post from Slater here on Joe Randle. (NewsOK)


Oh…wait…what? (Football Outsiders)

Chucky three sticks and Morgan Hoffmann doing work in Hawaii. (CBS Sports)

Randy Couture on Saturday signing autographs in GIA. (O’Colly)

Withey is unreal in this video. UNREAL. (CBS Sports)

Fascinating look at the future of Grantland. (Adage)

This is just incredible. (NPR)

My Lord, where does it end?

Awesome, big Nate fan.

  • Walter Sobchek

    ‘Oklahoma State ahead of Ohio State. Wow.’

    Proves how those rankings don’t mean anything, not in CFB anyway. We were NOT the 12th best team in the country. Anyone who believes that is blind. Shit, it has OU as a Top-10 team.

    6-7 Pittsburgh (that’s a losing record, by the way) ahead of Tulsa (11-3). As I’ve said countless times, the only stats that matter in CFB are W’s and L’s. How you get to the Wins and Losses matters, but if all of those advanced stats point to us being the 12th best team (with only 8 wins!!) then those stats can’t be accurate.

    Precise, yes. Accurate, no.

    • Schultzy

      They just can’t be accurate!

    • Schultzy

      Also, did you read the Bill Connelly link?

  • Cincinnati

    Just a thought on Joe in the NFL… I don’t know that he has an elite quality (size, speed, etc) that would make him an every down NFL superstar RB. But what he does do well – catch the ball, make people miss in the open field, block well, and be smart enough to ID the blitz in pass protection – make him a prototype 3rd down back. I think he can have a 10+ year NFL career in that role.

  • OSUaggie

    I’m not real enamored with how we handled the departure of Coach Young (Shouldn’t the AD manage stuff like this?); he gave us 4 years of some pretty decent defense all things considered and he’s a Cowboy alumni to boot….thought it sucked….On the other hand, with the linebacker coach moving to the DC role, we might start seeing 3rd and long where our coverage isn’t setting 15 yards off the line of scrimmage, then again, this is the same guy that was coaching them last year, right?…….In Gundy We Trust….he’s done a pretty fair job so far with the coaching staff; I’m good with riding this horse a little further.

  • Scott

    Randy Couture is my freaking hero. Got to watch him many times during my stint in Stilly. He rocked the perm-mullet back in the day as a 3-time All American and if anyone could actually pull that look off – it was him. UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion 5 times without having knockout power and few of those titles past the age of 40. That is incredible. Now he in the movies. What a career this cowboy has had.

  • The deal with Young sucked. I don’t mind him moving on, but the whole thing is bogus. He’s good with it, no hard feelings? Then why trot out Gundy’s comment about it being a “young man’s game?” You’ve got to know that will make Gundy look really bad. I think sharing that comment shows he is NOT good with it.

    • And don’t misunderstand me…I’m not giving Gundy and the Admin a pass on this. Horribly handled.

  • RyanO

    You nailed it. No one talks about blocking, football IQ, etc. It’s all about 40 time and size. My selfishness wanted Randle to stay but Kyle had a great post about how this was his time to go. You can’t help but love Randle. Even after watching him put on a performance like he did against UT this season I thought it was impossible to like him more but then you hear his postgame interview and he continues to grow on you. A very smart, well spoken young man who will represent OSU well in the NFL. Best of luck to Joe.

  • Jon

    Randle will be missed but the run game will be fine next year for two reasons: 1. Joe Wickline’s OL units have been parting the red sea for RBs for the past 8 years no matter who’s been carrying the ball. 2. Kye Staley will still be annihilating LBs and DBs like it’s his favorite thing to do on the planet (which it probably is).

  • Sean

    I think there is probably more to this story. I’m sure when Gundy and Young talked about it at the end of last season, Young was probably thinking he might retire anyway. As the end got closer he realized he wasn’t ready to go yet and then it really didn’t have any other way to play out. Gundy didn’t want to fire him, but he didn’t want to keep him either. The lack of the extension last year already made that clear.

    Part of this is about going younger and getting more aggressive on defense, but part of this was an effort to hang onto Spencer. Don’t know if he is the answer, but he is a top notch recruiter and sooner or later somebody was going to make him their DC.

    • Mark

      Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that last point. You may be right.