Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Hate these one-game basketball weeks. Feels like summer right now.


World-class headline here. (NewsOK)

Louisville the new no. 1. (Tulsa World)

OSU still receives votes (!) in the USA Today/ESPN poll. (Tulsa World)

Can’t disagree with this. (NewsOK)

Cowboys a nine seed in the tournament here. (CBS Sports)

Eight seed on ESPN. (ESPN)

Too bad he’ll be wearing blue and not orange. (NewsOK)


I should have done this already but Gina did a good job with it. I know it’s not a legit site according to some but Big Lead had us top 10. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State involved in several of the Big 12’s top moments. (ESPN)

Good job by Brendon Morris here, looking forward to this series. (Rivals)

Jenni Carlson thinks we’re a favorite to win the Big 12 next year. (NewsOK)

Travis Haney says OSU is going to miss Todd Monken big time. (ESPN Insider)

Gina on the direction of OSU’s class and the impact of the air raid system. (NewsOK)


Recommendation from @kevindeshazo, some great tunes here. (NPR)

Again, not a recruiting fan, but this is cool. (ESPN)

Maybe we’re just bad fans in general. (O’Colly)

Awesome. (Yahoo)

Brittney Martin is Big 12 frosh of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

The “not nice” thing is already wearing me out but this is not…


This looks good.

  • OklaStateU

    Is it just me, or does Travis Ford sound like he’d rather be coaching OU’s basketball team?

  • Chris

    I’d be concussed if Perk smacked me like that. Loved that play, but KDs walk off after the 3 from the corner was fantastic.

  • Nate

    So in all honesty we really don’t need Treadwell… we have 3 4-star WRs. Of course who is to say who will pan out, but it looks like if he goes to Ole Miss I don’t think we will miss him too much.
    Yes, I do know how you feel about recruitment and the rating systems.

    • Schultzy

      Dumb. We don’t need a 5 star WR?

  • Cole

    Just a thought:
    With increasing out-of-state students each year, maybe we aren’t necessarily bad fans, just different fans. High school wrestling wasn’t big AT ALL growing up in El Paso. Moving to Stillwater didn’t instantly make me understand or want to watch men in spandex. Does it make me a bad fan for not having an innate love wrestling? Not commenting on whether it is good or bad, but it seems that the Oklahoma State fan in Stillwater today values a top football recruit coming to town much more the a top wrestling program. I am assuming twenty years ago that was a much different picture. There has been a culture shift for OkState fans.

    • tomg

      The culture of El Paso has changed as well over the years, but if I moved there I would not ignore the local history because I personally don’t ride the range.

      Olympic athletes come to Stillwater every year so you might want to give it a try.

  • Daniel

    Just making a small point here, but 20 years ago 5,500 people would have be close to a sell out.

  • Tyler

    Cole, not supporting wrestling doesnt make you a bad fan but the ignorant (every nonwrestling dude says it) men in spandex comment makes you a jackass.

    • Geoff

      Thank You, Tyler.

      That gets so annoying.