Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

For my Breaking Bad fans, do we think Tyrus looks like an old Rajon Rondo?


OSU preseason #21 next year. (CBS Sports)

Ehhh, I think it’s kind of fair game, no? I’m not a fan of directly criticizing dudes on Twitter (that’s weak) but you can’t crown yourself with big orange foam-y hats to slam dunk contests and talk about national titles and not expect some criticism when you don’t deliver. (O’Colly)

Marcus Smart, mid-season All-American? (Sporting News)


Here are the OSU football players in all-star games. I probably won’t watch. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 only had three 1,000-yard rushers? (ESPN)

What do I have to do to get some tempo-free stats around here? (NewsOK)

Agree with the Josh Stewart love. (ESPN)

You should be reading this series from Brendon Morris. Great stuff on the OSU linebackers. (Rivals)

Ubben doesn’t think Texas or OU will win the Big 12. (ESPN)


Can you imagine Mike Holder doing this with Clint Chelf? (CBS Sports)

Uh yes, he did. (Yahoo)

Chris Chionuma named wrestler of the week. (okstate)


It’s coming apart at the seams! via @SpencerMSmith

  • Speaking of Big 12 championships, it’s interesting there has been a unique one the past 4 years. Is that a record?

    • reformedsooner

      In case you hadn’t heard yet, OU won the Big XII this year (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

  • Andrew P

    That first link is not hoops.

  • There are a lot of things you can’t control during a basketball game. But there are certain things you can control. Chief among them is “playing hard”. That’s something Nash doesn’t always do. Which is certainly open for criticism.

  • dooley

    Maybe Ford needs to give an, I’m a Man, speech to the criticizers on twitter. I’m sure that’ll help Nash because if the fans weren’t criticizing him, he’d be an all-armerican for sure. We know where the fault lies with Nash’s play.