Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where waking up at 2:30 to watch Federer is how I wish I could start every day.


Just read it. Now, preferably. (USA Today)

Really good article here on Jurick. (O’Colly)

An excellent ascertain of OSU’s offense plus trying to figure out what’s wrong with Nash. Though I would contend Cobbins actually does have a little more range than Morris is giving him credit for. Regardless, you should read this. (Rivals)

Smart remains top five in freshman of the year rankings. (CBS Sports)

Mike Holder says there are students who haven’t picked up their season tickets yet (?!) and GIA is getting a video board (about time). (O’Colly)


Josh Stewart, yes, even though we all kind of saw it coming. (ESPN)

Hmm…Baylor, KSU, Texas, and OU in Andy Staples’ 2013 top 25. (Sports Illustrated)

Absolutely loaded. (Rivals)

Quinn Sharp makes blogging history. (ESPN)


Probably not a lot of people paying attention but the Cowgirls are quietly having a big year. (NewsOK)

Some OSU track stars are nationally ranked. (News9)

Bob Huggins apologizes to West Virginia’s fans because they suck. Several of you just Googled “Travis Ford apology.” (Yahoo)

New UH helmets…not good. (CBS Sports)


I’ll throw in $165.

Do you guys miss this?


New OSU mural.

I thought James Poling’s follow-up tweet to this was kind of funny.

  • JonF

    Two points to make:

    1 – A 1:30 MINUTE VIDEO!!! Is this room like a big circle? Where the hell do they have the space to put a mural up that is so long it takes 1:30 minutes to encompass it all in a video?!?

    2 – You go to Joes too much if you can fill both racks with cups only and still have some left for the next load.

    • Upgrayedd

      False, you can never go to Joes too much or have too many Joes cups.

      • Nate


    • klucas45

      I believe it is on the wall downstairs between the locker room and the weight room.

  • Chris

    Pretty amazing story on Smart. More amazing man. I’d probably normally call an 18 year old a kid, but it doesn’t seem to apply here.

  • With Morris all the way on his take. When I was in HS, if you EVER got caught standing still you had to run steps. I carried that through to my coaching. And unless you are going 1 on 1 or trying to break down a defender to create openings, dribbling is the worst.

  • Scott

    our inside game is so bad, i’m excited and partly astonished when Jurick scores. You shouldn’t be amazed or shocked when your starting center scores an easy layup should you?

  • JohnnyC
  • Brian

    Unless I read that wrong, the video board will be on the side of the building (outside) like what the Thunder had. Why would you do that when they don’t fill the seats? Absolutely need new score board video screens.

    • Brian

      Never mind. I did read that wrong

      • Tyler

        I’m pretty sure you didn’t read that wrong…