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That Marcus Smart story from yesterday…man…awesome.


Really good Q&A with John Helsley here. I didn’t realize OSU didn’t have a single Oklahoma commit in football. Also, he defends Travis Ford. (NewsOK)

John Gasaway still doesn’t totally believe in Marcus Smart. But he’s getting there. (ESPN Insider)

Agree with this from Helsley: OSU has had a really tough schedule so far. (NewsOK)

Stevie Clark had 52 the other night. (NewsOK)


Good stuff from Berry on the NFL chasing college coaches. And Gundy would be the worst NFL coach ever; the same stuff that makes him great in college would make him horrendous in the pros. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State had the 6th best Big 12 team in the BCS era, do you guys agree? (Athlon)

Do we enjoy more that we’re on top or that Texas is in 44th in the Capital One Cup? (ESPN)

This situation is about as messy as a gut-shot deer. (Rivals)

Pretty poor questions from Robert Allen, but here’s a Q&A with Billy Bajema on the Super Bowl. (Scout)

Josh Stewart is one of the 10 most productive receivers in school history. That’s wild. (NewsOK)

This is kind of an unfair stat because teams like Baylor and Oklahoma State get a lot more opportunities to tackle people [fill in Bill Young joke here]. (ESPN)


Oklahoma State girls enter top 15 and proceed to fall to unranked K-State. (ESPN)

A 47-4 run?! (Yahoo)



Hah, a sight to see…

This looks pretty good.

This one too.

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