Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Anybody else pretty excited about that Kansas game in GIA after their struggles against WVU last night?


I like the formula Berry used here for ranking Big 12 teams. (NewsOK)

Good point here on Ford not proactively implementing a gameplan. I actually had somebody on Twitter ask me yesterday why Ford always says during the halftime interview what he “knew” the other team was going to do but never seems to do anything to try and stop it. I had no answer. (CRFF)

Good breakdown of what a bracket might look like, complete with stats. (Yahoo)


Uh, has Gundy watched San Fran play? (NewsOK)

Big 12 expansion? Make it stop. (ESPN)

Christian Littlehead, gone. (NewsOK)

Still blows my mind Perrish Cox was acquitted and Darrell Williams was convicted. (NewsOK)

Quinn Sharp was the only Big 12 player to score at the Senior Bowl. (ESPN)

Intriguing story about a walk-on QB who claims he runs a 4.39 (right…). Also, eight QBs in spring camp?! (NewsOK)

Robert Allen interviews a recruit. (Scout)

Spring practice dates. (NewsOK)

An injury forced Ryan McBean to graduate from OSU, pretty good stuff from Slater here. (NewsOK)


Four of the top 15 finishers at Torrey Pines were Cowboys. (PGA Tour)

OSU’s First Pitch Banquet is sold out. (okstate)

Oral history of Deadspin? Yes, of course. (AdWeek)

If you like this blog at all I think you’ll love this feature about Boston sportswriters. (Boston Magazine)

Brian Phillips on Novak Djokovic is beautiful. (Grantland)

Akron puts Twitter handles on their uniforms, NCAA tells them to remove them. (Yahoo)


I think we’ve all been here.


KD on Jimmy Kimmel talking about playing flag football at OSU…it’s a little old but I don’t think I ever posted (I’m trying to post as many Jimmy Kimmel clips in a row as possible).

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  • Nate

    One of the worst osu basketball teams in the last 25 years was the last team to beat KU in 08 before they won the title. So yeah… I always think we can beat anybody at home with a good crowd.

    KU is not as good as everyone is making them out to be. The conference just freaking stinks.

    I will be at the Phog, in orange, this Saturday to probably watch our boys get crushed, but I can’t freaking wait. Something to check off the bucket list I guess.

    • OSU-Bill

      My friend and I, all decked out in orange, will be at Allen Fieldhouse as well on Saturday. Go Pokes!

      • Cowboy-KS

        You landed tickets? Good job.

    • Nolo

      We can absolutely beat KU at home, but there’s no shame in losing there on the road. You’ll love it there. Make sure to your the little museum they have at the Phog. Aside from a rocking GIA (and of course I’m biased) its the best college basketball experience I’ve seen.

    • dooley

      Kansas is really good. Their defense, especially with Withey really clogs the lane, produces a lot of blocked shots, and just makes it difficult for teams to score. Their stud Mclemore adds the perfect inside/outside combo along with nice complimentary pieces. They are a dangerous team and seem out of our league. If talent was equal (which I actually think is close), we know they’d still have the edge in coaching. There is a reason they have won 18 in a row. Granted, like you said KU isn’t unbeatable, but they are as difficult as it gets in our conference, and even more so in the phog. It would be incredible, though, to win there.

      I always watch OSU/KU with a friend who is a KU guy, and I am ready for us to win one

  • Brad

    Have you thought about doing an OSU alumni golf update? Not just PGA, but the other Pro golf circuits. I always wonder what happened to the likes of Uihlien, Tway, Hoffman, Posey, Martin, etc.

  • Cowboysig

    OSU Basketball is the opposite of OSU Football. Football uses the athleticism to build big leads and then coasts to end of game, Basketball waits until absolutely necessary and then unleashes athleticism. If Ford took Gundy’s approach, build big lead then coast to end, wouldn’t have to worry about lack of depth because walk-ons would be playing end of games due to large leads.

  • Andy

    Chalk me up as another one going to be in orange at the Phog on Saturday!

  • MaryAnn Connor

    Kevin is talking about the Sigma Nu guys and they made him a jersey. Kevin seems like a great guy, glad he love OKC and OSU!