Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Still can’t get over how great Saturday was.


Bill Self on Marcus Smart: We have a 6-8 guy blocking him out and he just whipped us. (Big 12 Sports)

Wow, here’s Self again: We are mentally tough in some ways, but physically this is our softest group of all time. And the Big 12 race is getting tight. (Big 12 Sports)

This is very true. Ford: 98 percent of teams who get a big lead here and then lose it in the second half, very rarely, if ever, come back. (O’Colly)

Markel Brown on his game: I kinda like it, no attention on me. Just go out there, hit a couple shots and surprise them. (O’Colly)

Myron Medcalf on the best part of OSU’s win on Saturday. (ESPN)

It’s fun to have unexpected shakeups and come-ups in league play, and the Cowboys’ performance Saturday gave Ford reason to celebrate and all of us mandate to take this team seriously for the rest of the season. (CBS Sports)

Guessing this changes this week. (ESPN)

Bill Self going crazy, the full transcript. (NewsOK)

Good post from Brendon Morris about the OSU-KU tilt on Saturday. (O’Colly)

Forte on having “ice veins.” (NewsOK)

Agree with Morris here, the Big 12 POY race is silly. (Rivals)

Helsley on why OSU could be growing up. (NewsOK)

My 10 thoughts on the KU win if you missed them. (PFB)

Sam Presti in the house at KU. (Tulsa World)

Kansas and Carolina were Marcus Smart’s second and third choices for school. (NewsOK)

Forte: When we walked out of here, the place was silent. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had playing the game. (Scout)

Scott Sutton on having to coach against Sean. Also, how about Sean’s shoes in this pic?! (Tulsa World)

OSU #21 in CBS’ new rankings. (CBS Sports)


Big-time recruit flips commitment from Utah to OSU at last minute. (ESPN Insider)

Ubben says Josh Stewart was a top five receiver in the Big 12. (ESPN)

So this is kind of….strange. Cool….but strange. (Tulsa World)

OSU’s director of compliance didn’t know about Thurman Thomas trying to sway Laquon Treadwell to OSU? BS. (NewsOK)

Only having one in-state commit is such a weird stat. (NewsOK)


If you like Cowgirl softball, they’ll be on national television twice. (Big 12 Sports)

Sadly I’m not sure Dean knows what he’s saying anymore.

Hoops now.

On last night’s fake FG.

Very cool.

This is surreal.

Andy Katz on Marcus Smart.

Some great highlights here.

The video is good, the following tweet is better.

  • Nate

    Saturday was the best OSU sporting event I have ever attended. I was numb walking out of there. In utter shock. Talked to some KU fans there my age who have NEVER seen them lose a game there. Others had only seen them lose there once. It was just surreal.

    I rip Ford more than most, but I’m officially off of him the rest of the year (barring some major collapse). You don’t sit through something like that and bash the team anymore. Even during the game I thought he was coaching his ass off. Only wondered why he didn’t use Murphy earlier. Heard KU fans say they got out coached Saturday… I almost fainted.

    If people don’t get there asses to the game after this then they’ll never support Ford. These guys deserve a packed house the rest of the season.

    Side note: The Phog is just tremendous. Unreal basketball experience. “Rock Chalk” is so damn eerie and cool. Their intro video can’t be topped. I thought my head was about to explode before tip. It was so. Damn. Loud. Really made me miss a packed GIA.

  • Nate scared me into my “positive” post. Was deathly afraid of writing anything that could have be construed as negative. (I slipped in a small jab at Nash)

  • Troy

    We have just witnessed Nate grow up a little. Great win and I echo what Nate said, these guys deserve a packed and rowdy GIA.

  • Chaz Cook

    I just wanted to clarify my tweet. The tweet was posted after the Super Bowl last night; I do not know why it shows 4:33 AM. The tweet was made in regards to football season, I am a huge football fan and I cannot wait for next season.

    However, I have always been a basketball player, and I have a passion for basketball. I am excited about the remainder of OSU’s basketball season, can’t wait to see what they can achieve, and in no way am I looking for it to come to a halt.

    I feel like you took what I said out of context–just wanted to clear it up.

    • Nah, I wasn’t rolling on you, actually agreeing with you. Football out of the way, now we can focus on college hoops.

      • Chaz Cook

        Just checking and making sure. Thanks for the reply.

  • There’s a reason eco cars don’t plow fields.