Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Big bummer last night, my Lady Eagles of Richardson fell in the first round of the playoffs by one point.


On Phil Forte’s faith in the Lord. (O’Colly)

Pokes move to #3 in Berry’s power rankings. (NewsOK)

Kelly Hines voted OSU ahead of KU. Agree? (Tulsa World)

Cowboys moving on up the braked big board. (Yahoo)

Marcus Smart, Big 12 rookie of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

John Helsley has OSU on top of the league. (NewsOK)

Cowboys move to #17 in AP poll and #16 in the Coaches poll. (ESPN)


Ubben calls Levy Adcock the biggest surprise from the 2009 recruiting class. Dexter Pratt is the biggest disappointment. (ESPN)

One of my favorite things Ubben does: the recruiting all-name team. OSU only gets one guy. (ESPN)

Line of the year? Mike Gundy will be drinking for free at future PSAC defensive coordinator meetings. (NewsOK)

OSU moves up in the way-too-early college football rankings to #20. (ESPN)


Great video of Josh Holliday talking OSU baseball here. Man, if you guys think I like OSU hoops…… via @mattamilian (Fox 25)

OU loses its point guard for a month. Bummer. Really. (Yahoo)

New Oregon State logo? (CBS Sports)

OSU baseball promotions for the year. (okstate)

Whoa, wrestling might be dropped from the 2020 Olympics. (AP)

Intriguing read from Will Leitch on Darren Rovell. (Sports on Earth)

Ladies, here you go.

Also, this.

This is a cool stat.

Gottlieb going all in.

This is so weird, how does something like this even get made?

Uhh… wut?

  • Nate

    It’s time for the students to show up Saturday. If the student section isn’t filled to the rafters for Bedlam it will be an utter embarrassment.

    FREE F%#*ING TICKETS! No reason to not be there.

    This game deserves a big time environment. It’s too bad most of the student body though now is a bunch of front runner, bandwagon Thunder fans that aren’t true hoops fans.

  • Jimbo

    Nate, I agree with ya. I also went to the game in Lawrence (sense I do live in KC) and it was crazy there. Makes me wish for the GIA when I was in school. I am counting down the days for the K-State game on March 9th. Headed back to God’s country for that game and some OSU Baseball. I have to ask why everyone thinks the Thunder hurt OK schools basketball attendance? I would think it makes it better seeing more people getting into the game of basketball. Just my two cents.

    • David

      Jimbo, I agree that the Thunder increased the state’s overall interest in basketball as a sport. However, attendance and interest in college basketball (OU, OSU) has definitely declined since the Thunder came to town.

    • Josh

      Based on an educated guess, OSU’s biggest fan bases are probably in OKC and Tulsa. When tickets are reasonably priced for the Thunder and it’s a way shorter drive, it’s probably a lot easier to just go to a Thunder game rather than an OSU game. Plus some people would rather watch an NBA game than a college game.

      As with most things in life, there’s probably more reasons than just this for poor attendance. But this probably does take a few fans out of GIA.

      Also, I don’t completely agree with Nate. For the last few games, all the student tickets have been given away for free and I believe that most students take advantage of this. However, there are only so many student tickets they can give away. Cant give away free tickets to most of the 200 and 300 level seats because they have been bought. Plus they’re not giving away as many tickets as possible, only the tickets that students bought before the season and never picked up.

      Hopefully people show up! I’ll be in the student section and I hope to see GIA full!

      • Nate

        All I know is, is that they’re not running out of free tickets to give away which is just plain sad.

    • Nate

      There are a huge portion of Thunder fans that are fans because its trendy now. Going to a Thunder game is more of a social event and its now cool to be seen there. There are people walking around in Thunder jerseys that couldn’t name more than 5 NBA players that aren’t on the Thunder roster. They’re fake fans. A ton of them. A lot of them would have never watched an NBA game in their life if the Thunder didn’t move to OKC.

      GIA at its peak is a MUCH better ticket than an NBA regular season game. Doesn’t even come close.

      • Chris

        They have beer at Thunder games.

  • Okay, the student sections themselves were packed for Baylor last Wednesday, so moving on I don’t think that will be the problem. The problem is filling those 300 level seats. There are just TOO MANY. Only when those seats are filled will the rowdy be back in full.

    • Nate

      Are you kidding me? I’m guessing you weren’t at many OSU games prior to 08… The student section goes ALL the way to the top on the band in and has the floor, and yes, the 300 section on the other end. So no… The student section was not “packed” at the Baylor game. Far, far from it.

      That’s the problem. Current students don’t have a clue what GIA is really like when it is packed.