Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Marcus Smart: It’s kind of hard not to focus on (the tournament), but you just got to have the mental maturity to focus on what’s in front of you right now. (O’Colly)

OSU is pretty middle-of-the-pack in the Big 12 away from home. Obviously. (CBS Sports)

Mike Cobbins: the Big 12 is wide open for anybody who really wants it. (NewsOK)

Fascinating read about whether or not to foul when up three at the end of a game. (Ken Pom)

This is awesome, see how your team can improve its RPI on a daily basis. (CBS Sports)

Kamari Murphy on working harder, playing more. (Tulsa World)

Bracket Project has OSU as the first 6-seed. (Bracket Project)

Why did you have to write this, John? Kidding, kind of, love reading these power lunch recaps though. (NewsOK)


So we’re worried about saving money on assistant coaches? (NewsOK)


Glenn Spencer named one of the best recruiters in the Big 12. (Rivals)

Mike Gundy remains a strange and undecipherable man. Discusses new OC here. (NewsOK)

Interesting, Pat Jones’ coaching tree continues to grow. (Tulsa World)

Ubben has Daytawion Lowe as the 10th best safety in the Big 12. (ESPN)


John Smith said the decision to remove wrestling from the Olympics “made him sick.” (NewsOK)

Matt Holliday has taken up residence in Stillwater. He says his son is a gypsy. (NewsOK)

Basically if you’re alive you made the girls basketball All-Academic team. (Big 12 Sports)

Say bye to your morning — the 20 best buzzer beaters in NCAA Tournament history. via @bryanmj (YouTube)

Incredible. (Field Gulls)

New Oregon helmets, oh my. (CBS Sports)



This was the scene outside of #BPS today #okstate #snow

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Do you guys remember this story? Well the special needs student manager for Owasso did suit up and he lit the world on fire at the end of the game. That last three was cold.

  • The threat of camo uni’s looms over us all.

  • Brian

    Go Zips, Vols, Bulls, and of course GO POKES!

  • @arin5000

    Those Oregon helmets are one toke over the line.

  • Cooper4391

    Proud to say Owasso is my hometown and what they did last night for Nathan was incredible.

  • Is it going to turn out that Marcus Smart is like those foreign kids in the Little League WS…he’s really a LOT older than everyone thinks?

  • dooley

    you’d think if we won tonight, the rest of those seats would be bought for bedlam, hopefully pretty quick

    so, go pokes! beat Tech tonight! and please, let’s see Forte hit some shots. I don’t want to see forced threes, but open shots go down. If anything, he could use the confidence boost. 5 for 41 on the road. 12%