Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Is Travis Ford really going to win Big 12 coach of the year?! (NewsOK)

I honestly didn’t know last night was Cobbins’ first double-double. Wow. (O’Colly)

You know you’re on fire when you’re talking about how great the ball Tech uses is. (NewsOK)

I don’t remember that ’01-’02 OSU team being ranked No. 5 but Matt Norlander tells me it happened. (CBS Sports)

Hmmm…Tech’s coach going McKayla Maroney on us. (NewsOK)

Ideal college basketball point guard would have Marcus Smart’s…duh…leadership. (ESPN)

Travis Ford on Mike Cobbins: In the Big 12 it’s just a battle. It’s as physical as it is in any league and Michael’s down there doing it night in and night out and really doing a big job of helping us. (NewsOK)


Fill in joke here. (CBS Sports)

Good look back at OSU’s 2008 recruiting class. (NewsOK)

OSU already falling behind in 2014 recruiting…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (ESPN)


Big 12 baseball starts this weekend. (Big 12 Sports)

I can’t stop watching the GIF of Steph Curry’s mom (she’ll always be Steph Curry’s mom to me). (CBS Sports)

Brittany Martin spotlight if you like Cowgirl hoops. (Big 12 Sports)

Robin Ventura turned down a contract extension. via @mattamilian (SB Nation)

This is incredible, Jenni Carlson won a writing award. (APSE)

Can I intrest y’all in a Connie Britton profile, y’all? (New York Times)

Love the dunk face on Dez here.


Uh oh.

No idea what this is referencing.

Highlights from last night.

All of Markel’s 3s.

Better look at that foam Cowboy hat I referenced over the weekend.

  • Justin

    Deric Robertson seems like a smart kid, and one that will be especially proud to be a Cowboy. Those always become the best players.

  • jpokes

    Happen to watch that Colorado State video in the Curry GIF bullet?? Had to be what, 4000 students there in a packed gym for COLORADO STATE V SDSU!?!?



    But its the same thing I watch every week around college basketball. Gyms being filled with students from mediocre to good teams… K-state was freaking jam packed Saturday and tradition filled Notre Dame (!) also.

    Ok so they will all show up for ou, ku, and tu, but where are you vs. tcu, baylor, isu?

    Represent, OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY students!

    • Not fair to compare a HUGE game for Colorado State to OSU-TCU. This conversation has been beaten to death. You can’t snap your fingers and expect the traditional crazy GIA crowds to show up every night. It’s not going to happen for a while.

    • I’m sorry, But the Students showed up last wednesday and we haven’t had a chance to show up since then. Also, it’s the 300 level that is the problem, not the tiny sections behind each basket.

      • Nate

        The student section goes all the way up you idiot. The students have not shown up yet. Saturday is their chance to really show up

        • Cody

          Not anymore those are for sale as season tickets to GA student section is only behind the baskets now…you idiot

          • Nate

            Wrong again. There is no difference between GA and student section EXCEPT you have to be a student to sit on the floor level. They do it the same way at Kansas. Its just the fact that they haven’t sold enough student tickets for anyone to sit up there, so they sell more GA tickets… You dumbass.

            I’ve actually been in that arena when it’s been full, unlike 99% of our student body

          • Josh

            Looks like you’re kinda right. http://www.okstate.com/tickets/mbb-seating-chart.html There are sections that are both GA and Student GA, then theres just Student GA. But man, I get tired of people putting all the blame on students. Student attendance is poor but season ticket holder attendance is poor as well. Empty seats in 200 should never happen. 300s are pretty scarce too.

            And even though I’m a student, I have seen GIA full. Been going since I was 4. “Rowdy” doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s absolutely incredible.

          • Nate

            And no one is buying season tickets in the 300 level behind the goal. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about

        • Troy

          Its not like the alumni have shown up either.

  • Nolo

    Interesting fact about the ball different teams play with…OSU will buy 5 or 6 new balls that the other team uses in home game to practice with in the 2-3 days leading up to the game. OSU is a Nike school, but we use a Wilson ball that we’ve used for years. The same ball that’s used in the NCAA Tourney, NIT, ect.

  • Am I the only one that feels like this win streak and momentum is extremely fragile for this team?

    • Poke

      You just had to mention it, didn’t you?

      • Sorry…just feels like if they lose 1, they could easily slip into the same kind of stretch they had after the loss to Gonzaga. This is going to be a very tough run to the finish of the regular season.

  • Scott

    yes you’re the only one.

  • @Andrew bay and @Nate, You’re both right. The student section on the South side goes all the way up. Not the North side.

    • Nate

      Partially right. Top of the north side can be used for student seating. Just not the 200 level.

  • trey

    Hey was wondering what channel the osu-ou game will be on.. I have dish network.. it will be greatly appreciated…
    Go pokes!!!

    • Jimbo

      See – I like what you did there. 😉