Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Seth Davis says if OSU had any kind of front court they would make the Final Four. (Sports Illustrated)

Christien Sager, Mason Cox, and Mike Cobbins make Big 12 All-Academic team. (Big 12 Sports)

Chad Ford Big Board has Marcus Smart 4th. Gulp. (ESPN Insider)

For as much as Forte shoots, you’d think he’d be better on the road. Maybe it’s a depth perception thing? (Big 12 Sports)

Amazing stat here: no other player in Big 12 history has made more 3-pointers while only missing one attempt than Markel did against Tech. (ESPN)

Markel Brown: Other than (Kansas and Texas Tech games), I don’t think I have (shot that well) in my career. Working on my shot has paid off. We are going to need more of that come Saturday. (O’Colly)

John Gasaway has Smart as the 3rd best freshman in the country. That’s the lowest he should be. (ESPN Insider)

John Helsley implores us to watch Marcus Smart while we still can. (NewsOK)


Par of me thinks Boone is nuts, part of me thinks he’s just smarter than everybody else. He’s wrong about Bill Young though. (NewsOK)

Oh, was William Cole a bust? (ESPN)

We offered a 2014 QB a scholarship. (Tulsa World)


Great OSU baseball preview from Slater here. (NewsOK)

Josh Holliday has always been a winner. (O’Colly)

Ugh I wish OSU would do this. (NewsOK)

Baseball starts tonight against New Mexico! (O’Colly)

Highest indoor track and field ranking in school history. h/t Adam Spencer (NCAA)

This is just unreal. Rembert is Quade’s boy. (Grantland)

Clever, Boone.

This is great.




Jason King previews Bedlam.

A reader suggested we do this at GIA this weekend. Your move, @matt_fletch

  • Chris

    I need an olive long-sleeve.

  • Wayne

    Why is that the interview with Jason King (Bedlam preview) feels like he is recording that secretly in a closet and hoping not to get caught?

    • Steve

      Lol, so true.

  • Mark

    For clarity’s sake Kyle, what do you mean by “He’s [Boone] is wrong about Bill Young…?”
    Were you referring to the part about him struggling with the defense, or about him being a good guy?
    And I’m asking legitimately because I couldn’t personally disagree with either statement. I know stats say a lot of good things about our defense, but IMO they could’ve been much better with a different philosophy in certain aspects.

  • Spencer

    That Harlem Shake was awesome! Just imagining it in GIA gets me pumped

  • Mark

    … And Leonard’s Jeopardy entry just totally made my day!

  • trey

    Hey anybody know what channel bedlam will be on?