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Written by Kyle Porter


Awesome story on Marcus Smart by John Helsley. And I don’t mean to soil it….but….I live in Dallas and, let’s just say, the difference in cost of living between Lancaster and Flower Mound is…um, immense. I still have a lot of questions. (NewsOK)

Ford: This is a fun group to coach and a fun group to be around. They’re young and they love to compete. I told ’em that if I talked about everybody who made a big play, I’d still be talking to ’em. It seems like we had everybody that played step up and make a play. (Big 12 Sports)

What OSU did to get back on track after Bedlam in Norman. (NewsOK)

[sees Marcus Smart at No. 2 overall…weeps softly]. (Big Lead)

Dana O’Neil on Marcus Smart: The Oklahoma State guard might be the most unheralded player in the country right now. (ESPN)

Some good notes from Saturday by Helsley. (NewsOK)

Bedlam photo gallery is so great. This one is my favorite. (NewsOK)

OSU atop the Big 12 power rankings. (ESPN)

Ford: Thank you for bringing the rowdy back. This is what Gallagher-Iba is supposed to look like. (NewsOK)

OSU up to #14 in CBS’ poll. (CBS Sports)

If Le’Bryan legitimately has this figured out then OSU is going to be so dangerous in the Dance: I know I’m bigger and I’m glad I can post up. I think that’s the best (part) of my game — posting up — so I’m going to try to use that to my advantage. (O’Colly)

Jenni Carlson on what Lon Kruger and Travis Ford have done to bring back Bedlam. (NewsOK)

Wow, Dave Hunziker calls Marcus Smart OSU’s “basketball messiah.” (Scout)


The Big Lead corroborates the Glenn Spencer story. (Big Lead)

Ubben says OSU and TCU are definitely better than OU and Texas heading into 2013. (ESPN)

Shaun Lewis is the 6th best linebacker in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Which recruits could play right away? (NewsOK)

Updated IPF construction pics. (Coach Gundy)


Great job by Anthony Slater here. Everything you need to know about OSU’s baseball series win. (NewsOK)

Spotlight on an OSU cross country runner. I would enjoy running races in Scotland about as much as I’d like getting smoked in the face by Shaun Lewis. (Big 12 Sports)

Wrestling advances at the NWCA National Duals regional. (okstate)

So many sports going on right now! (Tulsa World)

Cowgirls make it back-to-back wins in GIA on Saturday. (okstate)

Mike Yurcich on Twitter. Gundy already has him saying “gave great effort”!!

Nice stat.


This is the best, dude asked a coach to hit his halfcourt shot for his tuition. Nylon.

Oh yeah, we still play football too (GOSH IT FEELS GOOD TO SAY THAT!!)

This looks good.

  • …was at the UT/KU game behind the UT bench when McLemore “went for the hard two”. I think the Texas players on the court deserve just as much credit for the dunk as McLemore did. Of all people, the 7’0″ Withey picks Kabongo’s pocket (?!) and then UT hangs back to watch the freshman do his thing. It was injury on top of insult on top of injury.

  • B.S. Cofounder

    KU Harlem Shake…

  • Duane

    I’m a daily reader of this site and always somewhat leery of “fan journalism.” Typically I’m impressed by you and your contributors’ analysis, sometimes impressed by your humor, appreciative of your OSU content aggregating skills, etc. Today, you missed. And you missed…badly.

    Lots of people with good jobs and a somewhat stable home environment live in “bad” places because of the connection to family, church, culture, etc. And lots of people make sacrifices to move to a better place. Your statement gives a wink and a nod to some impropriety and backs it up with no #s, no quotes, no research…nothing. You’re not even commenting on any kind of substantiated rumor. You’re wishy-washy about saying something and then you do it anyway. Take a stand, choose a side or make a statement with something behind it.

    Think there’s something there? Do your research and break a story. Or find that there’s no story other than the one we’ve been told. Just do the work.

    • Nate

      Duane dropping the hammer!!

    • Nolo

      You do realize he doesn’t get paid anything to run this blog, correct? It’s tough to break stories with no resources (time and money). He works a normal job just like the rest of us.

      Having said that, I do agree with you that just because he came from South Dallas to FM means there was foul play. I went to Marcus HS and while there are mostly kids from affluent neighborhoods, there are also kids who lived in small apartments. FM is a big place (two 5A High Schools) and there aren’t really any “bad” parts, but there are definitely parts where you can get cheap housing and still enjoy the good schools and environment.

  • Dan

    I am assuming that your unanswered questions are did the Smart family recieve financial help based on Marcus’s basketball prowess.
    Being from Tulsa and graduating from Jenks and having a son currently attending Jenks I am well aware of the assistance provided to gifted athletes and their families.

    • Nate

      Kejuan Jones.

  • Duane

    @Nolo –I have a day job and yet I find time to (insert activities that involve too much effort for little than a labor of love) to deliver the best effort possible. This isn’t 1985 where he’d have to work sources and go down to city hall for information. You want credibility, do the work.

    @Nate — 99% of your comments seem like they only serve to be negative and contradict @pistolsguy. Not a fan. I’m not trying to hammer him, but I will challenge him to live up to the standards of good journalism. I think that almost all of the work on this site is good to great. Favorite OSU blog hands down.

    • No, you’re right. And I did — see latest post.

      Also, I saw your link AFTER I posted…didn’t want you to think I was swiping without credit.

  • Duane

    Last comment. Internet research is easy. Good enough for the largest school athletics governing body in the country…should probably be good enough for this blog. Back to the day job.

    Initial piece: http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/high-schools/boys-basketball-news/headlines/20110218-uil-violation-marcus-smart-lives-in-home-owned-by-booster-club-vp.ece

    Follow-up: http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/high-schools/boys-basketball-news/headlines/20110228-uil-flower-mound-marcus_marcus-smart-maintains-eligibility.ece