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Le’Bryan calls himself “the most popular kid in Dallas.” Good read on his maturity (are we calling it that?) (O’Colly)

Travis Releford says nobody from Kansas is going to be doing backflips at GIA. Oh. (NewsOK)

How good is the All-America first team going to be? (ESPN)

Berry Tramel on OSU winning close games. (NewsOK)

Markel says it’s time for OSU to win the Big 12. (O’Colly)

Wait a second…Phil Forte turned down a scholarship from Kansas? What? (NewsOK)

Um…how did I not know this game was on YouTube? And yes, I just watched the last minute and a half. Ford would have called 17 timeouts (YouTube)

Hah, “Gonzaga has been challenged more in the West Coast Conference than KU has been in the Big 12.” (NewsOK)

Well this would be a downer. (O’Colly)

On the KU-OSU matchups. That Markel-McLemore matchup is ALL THE ATHLETICISM! (NewsOK)

“Control Ben McLemore.” Yes, that would be nice. (Rivals)

The Big 12 POY race really is a two-man race. And Smart can bury McLemore tonight. (Scout)

Le’Bryan says he “understands” the negative feedback. (Tulsa World)


Dez Bryant is the best WR from his draft class. Don’t want to be the wet blanket here, but that competition is not stiff. (ESPN)

Rashaun Woods becomes head coach at John Marshall. (NewsOK)

RaShaad Samples could be the impact frosh of the year. (ESPN)

Change the name of OSU to Pickent State? Uhh… (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Ubbs on some the intriguing Big 12 QB battles this spring. (ESPN)

We have any combine fans? Here’s info on Randle and Sharp. (NewsOK)

ICYMI: father beats son for liking OU over OSU. (PFB)


Josh Holliday off to a great start. And oh, those uniforms! (O’Colly)

OKC Dave’s Marcus Smart post got linked here, pretty cool. (

Megan Byford back in Stillwater. She was a handful when our scout team used to scrimmage the girls. She drop step layuped on me many times. (NewsOK)

This is great, memorize it, people. Let’s be smarter fans. (SB Nation)

Wut? (Yahoo)

Have I mentioned THESE UNIFORMS? (NewsOK)

Here’s our third string QB on the front of ESPN’s college football page.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 7.41.37 AM

I feel obligated to pass this along.


Maybe Gundy should do the same.

Alison Brie is great.

I’ll watch anything Vince Vaughn does. Sue me.

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