Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I’ve thought about Smart’s 70-footer, oh I dunno, like 19,392 times since last night. 


Good column, great headline and photo. (NewsOK)

Markel on Marcus fouling out: Marcus is a big key to this team, so once he fouled out, I was like, `Oh, shoot! We need Marcus out there. (CBS Sports)

Berry Tramel on how Marcus Smart is getting better. (NewsOK)

I love this — Markel and Marcus want another shot at Kansas. Great stuff from Kyle Fredrickson. (Scout)

Really sad story about an OSU recruit. (Big Lead)

Weeden and Blackmon hugged it out at the game yesterday. (NewsOK)

It really does sting that Naadir Tharpe hit the game winner. (Yahoo)

Oklahoma State ranked 6th in the nation in men’s indoor track heading to the NCAAs. (Big 12 Sports)

Eddie Sutton Marcus Smart, such a great post here. (NewsOK)

Ford on the game: It was a very hard fought game. We’ve been in this situation a lot. We just didn’t make a few plays down the stretch. Also, loved the lede in that column. (O’Colly)

Well, I wish they would have changed for this year. (NewsOK)

No, Kansas won the Big 12 on Wednesday. Also, anybody think the last line of this post is weird? (Big 12 Sports)

Great stat here comparing the Thunder/Rockets game to the Kansas/OSU game. (NewsOK)

Wholly agree here: it’s not 2004 but OSU basketball is on point right now. (O’Colly)

Great photo gallery here from yesterday. (NewsOK)


Crazy, this is the only OSU football link I have for you…and it barely has to do with OSU. Hoops is locked in right now. (ESPN)


At least the Cowgirls won…uhh? (O’Colly)

Men’s golf finishes 6th at The Prestige. (okstate)

New punctuation marks. I need the sarcasm one. (College Humor)

Bill Self dance on GIA to music is incredible. (GIF)

Watch, Watch, watch. (Big Lead)

I thought it was going in too.

Dude is a clown.

Zach Johnson weighs in on last night.

Rickie Fowler showing off his arm.

Speaking of arms, what a great pic this is.

And this one!

Here’s the dirty Nash and-one dunk.

Full highlights of last night here.

Uh, wut?

  • Brian

    Box score:


    I looked it up to see just how bad Nash’s lines were… OUCH! He scored on that early dunk and then completely disappeared. I give some credit to Withey for his help defense down low but goodness that is frustrating.

    48 min, 3-10 FG, 2-7 FT, 3 RB, 4 TO

    Brown and Cobbins kept us in the game. Brown was the only one hitting shots, and he shut down McLemore. Cobbins played great defense on Withey and took in 14 boards.

    Smart, Nash, and Forte were dreadful shooting the ball. Forte finally got it going in OT.

    John Higgins is a whistle blower. Controversial calls both ways, and lots of them. Frustrating to see him impact the game with the call on Cobbins.

    And I could go without listening to Stephen Bardo call a game again.

    • larry

      commented on nash on 10 points article. how can he not be considered to be the biggest disappointment to ever set foot on OSU BB court?

      remind anyone else of (a less talented) michael beasley?

      • CRJ

        This thing about LeBryan is that he always looks a little confused or slightly surprised that he is at a basketball game and on the court. Like, maybe he just woke up and had started into a cup of Earl Grey tea and BLAMMO, basketball game.

        • larry

          or a michael beasley visit to the “head”.

        • Brian

          +1. I agree that he appeared overwhelmed and lost last night. He is a game changer when he wants to be.

      • Brian

        I was surprised to not see more comments on his play. It’s hard for me to grasp how he can go from stud to dud between Bedlam and KU. It is disappointing to watch someone with that much talent not match it with effort and intensity.

      • Keller

        Nash is basketball’s XLK, I hope he thinks he can get drafted so I won’t have to watch him not know what he’s supposed to be doing for 40 (or 50) minutes twice a week

        • Andrew P

          Y’all need to lay off Nash. His near the basket game gets extremely difficult when withey is in the paint. They were also doubling Nash with withey in the second half when he got the ball in the post. THAT is the difference between him dominating against OU and this.

          • larry

            so that explains why nash looked lost to start the game? and let his man get offensive rebounds on 3 consecutive possessions to open the game? and why he couldn’t hit a free throw? and why he didn’t get a foul until OT? and why he didn’t contribute in the first half? because withey was doubling him in the second half? LOL

          • Nate

            Bingo. They brought withey every time he caught it. Nash wasn’t the reason they lost

          • larry

            did not say nash reason they lost. said nash one reason they did not win. one big reason. one big reason that is still being played big minutes.

            withey double in 2nd half had nothing to do with any of the criticisms posted.

            what did the 2nd half double have to do with his wandering in the first half? failure to block out? failure to hit free throws? failure to put out effort on defense?

            all that demonstrated was his limitations as a team player and/or limitations of ford’s “offense”. totally unable to make anyone around him better. no passing towards the basket from double teams. him or offense or both?

            saying other help defense also bad means what? ford can’t (or doesn’t) coach. we already know that. how does that relate to effort from top 10 ESPN, top 5 Dallas, mcdonald’s all american?

            comparable ranking to Smart. comparable playing?

          • Brian

            Nate – Nash didn’t score because of Withey (Kansas defense). McLemore didn’t score because of his own passiveness.

            Brian – Nash didn’t score because of his own passiveness. McLemore didn’t score because of Brown (OSU defense).

            Any chance both are a combination of passiveness and good defense?

            The double team from Withey should free up Cobbins or someone else, or take it to him any way to draw fouls. Withey had 3 early but they didn’t go at him.

          • Nate

            Not saying Nash wasn’t passive. But he definitely didn’t want any part of that double team. I said before the game though on this site that it was a bad matchup for Nash.

            The thing about Mclemore is that unless he is scoring in bunches, he really has no effect on the game. I said though that Markel did a good job on him. One of his best defensive efforts of the season.

            Don’t know why you’re all bashing Nash. Can’t expect the same output he had against OU. Free throws, piss poor officiating, and poor execution cost us this game. Not Nash.

          • Scott

            Nash’s potential is very high. But as long as he’s lazy – Ford needs to bench him. Keep starting him and there’s no reason for LBN to change. Ford needs to go “eddie” on him. As soon as he takes one play off – bench him. For considerable minutes. Put him back in the game in the 2nd half…. takes a play off on the defensive end? bench him again and let K Murphy finish the game.

          • Brian


          • larry

            don’t know if it is laziness, but +1 on solution.

    • Scott

      Brian – according to Nate, Markel cannot play defense. So you must be mistaken.
      And honestly i don’t know why K Murphy doesn’t play 30 minutes a game and Nash only play 10…. Why is that? Kamari hustles his ass off.

      • Brian

        Didn’t Markel guard McLemore all night? He seemed to always be in his grill.

      • dooley

        McLemore can take Brown whenever he wants, honestly. He could take almost anyone to the hoop whenever he wants. I watched the game with a KU fan, and he hates that McLemore pretty much checks out. You would just see him standing over in the corner without moving at all or trying to attempt to become a part of the play. He checked out after he had a difficult first half. Give Markel credit for that, but man, that kind of talent and he didn’t even try to impact the game in either OT. That was fine with me. I just wish we could have won that one. Our luck just ran out.

        OSU ultimately lost this game because we didn’t have much left in the tank after this stretch of games. Those free throws that kept clanking, I’d guess, were partly the effect of tired legs. Hopefully, we get a second wind, and take the 2nd seed in the Big 12 tourney which means taking care of business the rest of the way. This is a young team that I worry is going to wear out

      • Nate

        Umm he hasn’t. Played better last night, but like someone else said Mclemore played like garbage.

  • James

    Just so you know, the Fredrickson link about the game goes to the men’s golf article.

  • Cincinnati

    Everyone knows Nash is just a sophomore, right? Before we claim he is a disappointment or over-rated or whatever let’s go ahead and wait for his time at OSU to end. There is still the possibility that he continues to mature, learn the game, improve his understanding of his role, and become a true leader.

    • larry

      LOL. obviously, you have not watched Nash this year. obviously you have not read any of his interviews. he thinks he will be a 1st round NBA pick this year.

      comments regarding disappointment reflect his attitude and performance on the court vs his lofty mcdonald’s all american top 5 player in dallas ESPN top 10 ranking after HS.

      single most disappointing player to ever step onto OSU BB court.

      • Cincinnati

        Well, I guess we are seeing different things. On the court I see a kid in a game that is moving too fast for him, and he is getting lost. I see a kid that is still dealing with the fact that he can not physically dominate opponents like he did in high school. And I see a kid who offensively is putting a lot of pressure on himself to live up to the hype – and is forcing a lot of bad shots. Basically, I see a kid. I’m content to let him finish out the year, and hopefully a couple more in orange (he needs it) before judging him as a disappointment. I mean, technically, he could still possibly, maybe, go on a run and average 20 & 10 and lead this team to the Final Four, right?

        To your point about production vs hype, I am still disappointed in the Byron Eaton era. So much talent and and so few NCAA tourney games. That may be on Sean and his demons, but I recall a lot of “This year Byron is really going to be in shape!” preseason stories.

        • larry

          agree we are seeing different things; however, i agree with your assessment of maybe why nash is what he is at OSU. am afraid there is a different reason. and when i read his interviews, i disagree with your assessment that he might improve at OSU. i truly get the impression that he still believes that he is a 1st round NBA pick at this stage in his career. whoever he is listening to on his status with NBA scouts is pumping him up with michael beasley smoke, if he is not pumping himself up with it.

          multiple players that stepped on the BB court at OSU have not lived up to hype. but they had not been placed in the same lofty group (mcdonald’s, espn, dallas ratings) by scouts and services. still believe that the gap between his hype and production is the largest of any player in OSU BB history.

          and byron may well have been puffing up and down the court, but he was not standing at the defensive end watching his man grab offensive rebound after offensive rebound. chuckle. and he was not waiting until the first OT of a game to put forth the effort to get his first foul. chuckle. he knew how to foul early and often.

          so i still think byron’s cousin lebryan has him beat.

          • Cincinnati

            Thanks for the convo Larry. “so i still think byron’s cousin lebryan has him beat.” – Ha! Funny, and fair, point. While I’m not (yet) going to go as far as you with the level of disappointment in Nash, I agree that we are all more bald and gray for watching him and wanting him to succeed. Not to change the subject, but in my mind he makes me wish the NBA had a similar minor league system to MLB. If he is just counting down the days until being drafted, and he is not working hard while at college, he’s just wasting everyone’s time. Most importantly, he’s wasting his own time. I have love for every player that plays at OSU (even Roy Candley) because I like to think we share a common college experience. (Which I know is a lie, but I like to think it anyway.) And I think “Nash! Even if you don’t care about OSU, or this team, you need to get better for you! You are on track to ride the bench and be out of the league in 5 years!!!” He would be better served playing in the D-League, or in Europe, if playing there would cause him to he can take his development more seriously.

            Anyhow, thanks for the replies.

          • Larry

            when i was one of the 10-15 students who went to gallagher to watch ralph rasmusson huff and puff up the court and andy hopson try to learn how to dribble while KC Kincade tried to keep OSU in games, i wondered if OSU would ever return to the “glory” days of Iba (i started as a student at OSU during Iba’s last year). since then have seen ups and downs. lots of players come and go. some players exceeded expectations. some players exceeded natural ability. few came to Stillwater with the physical ability that scouts claimed Nash had. none of the others did so little with what was supposedly so much and none had their heads so far up their a** about their future.

            nash is at a crossroads. keep playing like 98% of the big 12 games and maybe not get drafted at all (best case unguaranteed 2nd round). if he thinks otherwise, he needs to talk to a real live nba scout who is paid by an NBA team, not his butt buddies.

            from his comments, do not believe he is coming back, so his other choice is to play each remaining minute at OSU like it is the last time he will be playing BB in America in front of people who know who he is and care. because otherwise it will be.

            and have enjoyed your comments. thanks

  • Does anyone else find it problematic that Smart’s 70 footer was the best shot we had out of our three end of regulation/overtime shots? Why on earth would we run a high ball screen with seven seconds left against a team that hard hedges high ball screens? I would like to take my chances with Smart 1 on 1 against Elijah Johnson

    • Scott

      yeah why even call a timeout if all you’re going to draw up is “ok Marcus, hold the ball until 7 or 8 seconds left and then drive right into Withey”.
      BTW – 7 or 8 seconds is way too little time to do ANYTHING. We couldn’t have even rebounded a miss had he been able to get a shot off
      But, it is what it is, learn from it and move on to WVU. We now get to play the lumberjack on his court.

  • BBinKC

    Anybody got a video clip or the charging call on Nash? I hate blaming the refs, but that call was likely the difference.

    • Scott

      the charge on Nash wasn’t the difference. or not the only thing anyway. Our final possessions to end regulation, 1st OT, 2nd OT…. you know how many passes we made? i know one was a 3/4 court heave – but still, no passing. 1 person, clear it out, hope for a miracle. Why not move the ball around? Run an offensive play? screen, move, cut to the basket, pick and roll, ANYTHING other than one person dribbling until 7 seconds left.

  • Aaron Snith

    why nothing on the a Cowgirls? I know they are not great, but they lost to the last place team. this was a nice jesture so that a new member of the league would not be O for their first campaign. TCU needs some help too. So Our guys lost to Kansas. It hurts, but the girls lost to the LAST PLACE team. Should make for some great analysis.